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5 Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning

07 June, 2019

In simple words, food poisoning is a condition when an individual gets sick after consuming food or a drink that was contaminated. Food poisoning occurs in two types, either by an infectious agent or by a toxic agent. Intoxication happens when the food consumed contains toxins, comprising of exotoxins. Meanwhile, food infection occurs when the food consumed contains bacteria or other microbes.


The condition is also called foodborne illness. Organisms which are infectious like viruses, bacteria, and parasites or their toxins are the most common reasons for the illness. The contamination can take place anywhere, even at home.


Food poisoning symptoms may differ according to the source of contamination. However, determining the symptoms is easy.


The symptoms include-


  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Head pain


The signs may start appearing within a few hours or might even take days to surface. It can last from some time to many days.


Sometimes the effects of food poisoning can become severe. When signs like frequent vomiting, bloody stools or vomits, Diarrhea that stays for more than three days, excessive thirst, weakness and severe cramps in the abdomen are appearing, a doctor visit becomes a compulsion.


However, prevention of food poisoning is not impossible. All one has to do is keep in mind these 5 points-


  • Keep hands clean

Make sure to wash hands before eating or handling food that is prepared or is still raw.

  • Cook food with care

While cooking meat or vegetables, make sure not to leave anything undercooked.

  • The fridge temperature should always be below 5 degrees C

Keeping the fridge temperature below 5 degrees prevents harmful agents that cause food poisoning from growing and increasing their population.

  • Leftovers have to be always cooled quickly

If there is leftover food that is not going to be consumed, then put it in the fridge. The usage of leftover should also be limited to 2 days.

  • Do not consume expired food

This is an essential and easy tip to follow. Avoid food that has expired at any cost. The expiry date is based on scientific research and has to be followed to the date.


Food poisoning is an illness that can be cured easily in most cases. However, in some situations, it may run a heavy course. The days of suffering may increase, subsequently the cost of treatment. The best way to avoid hassles of paying huge medical bills is by buying health insurance.


By letting health insurance care for the illness, a patient can at least be not worried about the medical expenses.


Why everyone should buy a health insurance policy-


  • To feel secure

The health insurance policy gives the person a kind of security, which makes them independent. While it provides financial support, it also provides relief.


  • Evolving way of life

Bad work-life balance, pollution, and majorly a considerable change in food consumption has lead to a change in the lifestyle of many. The wrong food habits may become the source of food poisoning.


  • Rising medical expenses

The fees paid to the experts is becoming heftier by the day. Without health insurance, a medical emergency may eat up a huge chunk of savings and even salary.


Buying health insurance comes with many benefits, and its requirement is getting important every day. It provides a backup of finance if time needs. In today's time, a health insurance policy is a necessity. Since sickness arrives without any information, getting ready for everything is wise. There are multitudes of policies available based on a person and family. Choosing the right one is extremely easy.