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Coronavirus Safety Tips for Office Employees

01 December, 2020


Coronavirus changed many aspects of our everyday lives. Going to the market, watching a movie in a theatre, and even going to the office; all came to a standstill. However, as thing are now slowly opening up, there is an increased need for caution and safety. While most things can be avoided, going to the office is crucial.


So, here are some Coronavirus safety tips that employees can follow as they head back to their workplaces:


  • Wear a mask: While you may not be used to wearing a mask all day long, remember that it is a necessity in the current times. Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth will ensure that the virus does not enter your system.


  • Wear gloves: If your work involves you to touch different surfaces or things, such as in the bank, make sure to wear gloves. You can remove these when you take a break for lunch and put them back on when you resume work. Remember to sanitize the gloves frequently too.


  • Carry a sanitizer: Even if your office has a sanitizer dispenser, carrying your own bottle is advised. You may need to sanitize your hand while commuting to work or while working at your desk.


  • Avoid taking the elevator: Elevators have little or no ventilation for air circulation. Moreover, standing close to people and touching the buttons can be risky. Opting for the stairs is a better idea and offers many other health benefits too.


  • Maintain social distancing: It may be exciting to meet your colleagues and friends after a long time. But it would help if you did not break the Coronavirus protocols. Keep a safe distance of at least 6 feet between yourself and your co-workers.


  • Discuss any lapses with your management: If you see other employees breaking the rules, make sure to bring it to your management’s notice. All people must follow safety measures at all times.


  • Bring your own food: Although doctors and health experts have cleared the misconception that Coronavirus can be spread via food, it is still recommended to carry your own meals. Eating out means that you will be touching the plate, cutlery, or glasses. This puts you at an increased risk.


  • Get yourself COVID insurance: Health insurance in the times of COVID-19 is a vital tool as it can offer you financial assistance from the costs of the disease’s treatment. A plan like the Arogya Sanjeevani Policy can offer you a cover of up to ₹1 lakh at a premium of only ₹7 per day. You can also consider the Lifeline Health Insurance and protect yourself against all expenses of COVID-19 at a cost-effective price.



Your safety lies in your own hands to a large extent. Therefore, make sure to keep yourself secure and protected at all times. These simple protocols will keep you healthy and ensure that you do not carry any risk when you go back home to your loved ones.