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Coronavirus Safety Tips for Going to Restaurants

01 December, 2020


At this point, you might have COVID insurance and health insurance plans to cover your financial needs. But what about your emotional and mental needs? To address those, the government took the decision of easing lockdown restrictions. Now, various establishments across different industries are resuming their operations, including restaurants.


If you are planning to eat out, you must follow these simple Coronavirus safety tips for going to restaurants.


1. Check the restaurant’s safety practices


Call up the restaurant you plan to visit and ask them about their safety measures. Ask about their sanitization timelines, employee/waiter temperature check protocols, seating arrangement, and payment methods. Check photos, reviews, and customer feedback to see if the restaurant is adhering to all Coronavirus precautions. Once you are sure, book a reservation to avoid crowds and queues.


2. Carry your Coronavirus safety essentials


Keep a portable soap, alcohol-based sanitizer, water bottle, gloves, extra masks, tissues, and wipes. The restaurant that you visit might offer these but it is better to carry your own essentials to avoid contact with surfaces and other people.


3. Practice hygiene at all times


Except for the time when you’re eating, wear your mask all the time, especially while communicating with the restaurant staff or waiting in line. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or sanitize before and after eating food or touching any restaurant items. You can also request a brief safety-check of the restaurant’s kitchen to see if the chefs are adhering to the Coronavirus safety codes.


4. Maintain the 6-feet rule


Ensure that you are seated at a distance of at least 6 feet away from other tables. Maintain the same amount of distance while giving your order, standing in line, or communicating with outsiders. It is safer if the table you are eating at has screens or barriers that separate you from the co-diner. Make sure that you have the same server throughout your meal.


5. Keep it touch-free


Avoid physical surface contact as much as possible. Choose cashless and digital methods of payment over paying cash. Check if the restaurant has disposable menus or digital ones that can be seen on your device. Try to avoid shared items like ketchup bottles, salt shakers, and glasses. Use disposable cutlery if possible.


6. Pick outdoor seating


Go for outdoor dining over indoor dining. Outdoor spaces have better air ventilation, well-distanced seating arrangements and fewer chances of contact with people. If you want to dine indoors, pick a restaurant that has a spacious dine-in venue, adequate ventilation and proper adherence to Coronavirus safety protocols.




You can grab a bite at your favorite place without risking your health by following these Coronavirus safety tips for going to restaurants. However, following these tips does not always reduce the risk of an infection. To prepare for the worst-case scenario, it is recommended to have COVID insurance to cover your healthcare needs.


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