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COVID-19 Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe in Festive Season?

01 December, 2020


1. Avoid large gatherings


To avoid community transmission, avoid large gatherings, processions and similar mass religious congregations. Avoid places of public worship. Any gathering you visit should adhere to the coronavirus safety protocols and have a limited number of persons attending. In case you want to host a celebratory gathering, do so in large, open and proper ventilated spaces and limit the number of attendees. You can also host in an indoor space, provided you ensure adequate ventilation and proper hygiene practices.  It is best to celebrate with your family and friends at home.


2. Follow all coronavirus safety protocols


Follow all coronavirus safety protocols at all times, especially while outside. In case you attend a festive event or visit a place of worship, ensure that you inquire about the adherence to safety protocols by the hosts. Wear your mask and carry your coronavirus essentials – like soap and water, alcohol-based sanitizer, gloves, tissues, etc. Wash your hands at frequent intervals, especially after you come in touch with surfaces. Maintain a distance of 6-feet from others and avoid physical contact and greetings. Now is the time to use that traditional Namaste greeting! 


3. Take food safety precautions


Now is the time to build and maintain your immunity to remain healthy. Although coronavirus is a respiratory disease, it affects the immunity of an infected person. Thus, it is best to eat home food, or food that you are sure is prepared with adherence to all hygiene practices. It is better to eat nutritious food instead of bingeing on festive snacks all the time. When it comes to serving food, it is wise to use disposable cutlery. Avoid setting up a single place for serving food to reduce crowding.


4. Check for coronavirus symptoms


With the continuous spread of the coronavirus, more and more people are becoming complacent with following safety protocols. This is leading to a spike in cases. It is necessary to be on guard against the coronavirus and keep a check on yourself and your loved ones. If you experience even mild symptoms of coronavirus, it is best to quarantine and self-isolate to keep others from harm’s way. Be strict and avoid going out and attending any type of festive gathering. It is also wise to stay in touch with your doctor from time to time.


While these tips might slow down the spread of coronavirus, they do not completely keep you away from risk. To prepare against a health crisis, get COVID insurance or health insurance providing COVID-19 coverage. Royal Sundaram’s Arogya Sanjeevani Policy and LifeLine Health Insurance provide extensive coverage against the disease.