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Why Health Insurance is Critical for Today’s Women

19 June, 2019

In today's world, there is barely a field where women don't excel, where women aren't giving the opposite gender a fierce competition. The involvement of females in today's contemporary in the world has been remarkable. Today’s woman is a go-getter; she leaves a mark in whichever sector she puts her efforts in.


However, the hectic schedule of modern life often takes a toll on everyone’s body. Striking the right work-life balance is seldom achieved, but personal health cannot be overlooked. Females over the age of 40 are exposed to various health issues. The risk of them becoming a victim of ailments like irregular blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis are high. Women are comparatively more vulnerable to problems related to bones. Also, breast cancer has been a significant concern.


Unfortunately, in many cases these disorders or diseases go under the radar in their preliminary stages, only to haunt later. Fighting them needs courage and financial backing. Most of the contemporary women do not depend on their husband, father or son for monetary support. They can be the breadwinners.


But when a topic like health insurance is discussed, it is generally the men who purchase plans for themselves and their family. Usually, women do not actively seek an exclusive Mediclaim policies.


There are a few key reasons why women do not have an ideal insurance cover. One reason is that their professional and personal needs make them ignorant towards their own health. Another being the fact that they rely on their husband or father’s insurance policy.


However, there are many contradictory points which can be a reason enough for every woman to purchase an insurance policy.


The medical costs are rising, and one of the best ways to combat them is by purchasing a health insurance cover. According to a few studies, women are more prone to ailments compared to men, making it even more necessary for them to buy an insurance policy. Health insurance is an investment as it is assuring and helpful in the long runs. Moreover, a health insurance policy offers a relief, an assurance that in time of need they will be taken care of.


Many women think that they do not require a health insurance policy. However, women from all the aspects of society should be covered by an insurance, be it a working woman, a stay-at-home mother, a single woman or a married woman. Given the way the world is today, with the rise of technological developments, there are also some uncertainties that come along the way. One of the best ways to combat is through buying a health insurance policy. It is of extreme urgency that every woman should hop on to a secure way of life.


 There are a few major reasons why a woman should definitely enrol for a health insurance policy:


  • There change in the lifestyle of many women across the nation have changed significantly. There is no denying that a woman can self-sustain. However, factors such as hectic working hours, pollution, everyday traveling and changing food habits have amplified the risk of health-related problems.
  • The medical costs have risen quite a lot in the recent times, more than monthly wages can cover. In case of emergency, a health insurance policy comes in as a saviour.
  • There are many insurance policies that not just cover medical claims but also include pre and post hospitalisation charges.
  • Also, buying a policy at an early age can be even more beneficial as an individual can make better financial plans for the years to come and can enjoy the full benefits of the insurance.


Keep in mind these points as they can help you build a secure future.