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Bahamas Travel Insurance

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The Bahamas or The Bahama Islands is an archipelago consisting of many islands. Arguably, Bahamas has more than 2000 islands in case if you include the cays. The word Bahamas has a Spanish descent, meaning ‘Shallow Water’.  The official language of Bahamas is English. However, they involve a lot of dialect and slangs. The locals here are very friendly and extremely helpful. Violent crimes and petty crimes are almost non-existent in Bahamas.

Arawak Indians inhabited the island when Christopher Columbus landed in the New World on San Salvador Island in 1492. Bahamas has prospered drastically through tourism and international banking and investment management. Bahamas is a very religious place. The Bahamas have one of the highest ratios of churches per capita in the world, with Baptist being the majority single group.

For affordable and Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plans designed specifically to secure you from untoward incidences on both your journey and subsequent stay of travel documents, as well as unfortunate incidences that would require medical expenses.
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