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Bolivia Travel Insurance


Situated in South America’s west-central region, Bolivia shares its borders with Peru (northwest), Chile (west and southwest), Argentina (south), Paraguay (southeast), and Brazil (east and north). While La Paz is considered its administrative capital, Bolivia’s constitutional capital remains the city of Sucre. The nation displays remarkable geographical diversity stretching from Amazon rainforest to Atacama desert to the famous Andes mountain range. South America’s second largest lake, Lake Titicaca, is shared between Bolivia and Peru.
Relive your childhood by visiting the dinosaur tracks in the village of Torotoro. A great experience for paleontology lovers, there are vast rock formations of mudstone with footprints of quadrupedal and bipedal dinosaur belonging from the Cretaceous period about 145 million to 65 million years ago. La Senda Verde Refugio Natural is a safe natural preserve for animals at risk. This preserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife. The best historical street in La Paz, Calle Jaén, is also known for a group of four little museums. Together, the collection here includes relics, historical maps, gold, silver, and copper works, colonial furniture and art, medicines, musical instruments, textiles, colorful dolls, and ceramic figures. Visit the city of Uyuni on Thursday to shop from unique art and crafts work. To witness a dramatic Bolivian landscape, head out to Salar de Uyuni, considered to be the biggest salt flat in the world. For adventure seekers, there are steep descents to enjoy climbing and mountain biking. From Andes to Amazon, Bolivia is a great trekking destination.

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