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Botswana Travel Insurance


This Southern African landlocked country resembles a jagged triangle. World famous Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert are the defining geographical features of Botswana. It shares the border with South Africa (southeast and south), Zimbabwe and Zambia (northeast), and Namibia (north and west). Once a colonial protectorate, it was among the poorest nations of the world at that time. But after it gained independence in 1966, Botswana came to light as a wildlife paradise and gradually became a world renowned safari destination. Today, it is a peaceful African nation with a stable democracy. Botswana’s capital is Gaborone.
Considered wild Africa at its best, the best time to visit Botswana is during seasonal floods when the iconic landscapes of Okavango and Kalahari are teeming with a rich range of wildlife. Recently, Okavango delta was chosen as a UNESCO heritage. It is considered the biggest inland delta in the world. The biggest island of Okavango delta is the Chief's island, named in honor of the local chief who held sole control over this preserve. Chief’s island has the densest wildlife of Botswana. There are special camps and lodges here for tourists. You can use a dug-out canoe at Moremi Game Reserve to roam past crocodiles and hippos. The steep canyon of Moremi Gorge is bound to delight the trekkers with its utter beauty. You will also come across little ancestral memorials in the rocky gaps of the gorge. Kubu Island is a desolate national site surrounded from all sides by a sea of salt.

Traveling also means taking care of your luggage and loved ones. If you are selected this lovely destination, then don’t forget to secure travel insurance for Botswana. Visit our website and learn how Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Botswana will cover you from various possible risks.
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