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Burundi Travel Insurance


This tiny nation in east-central Africa, situated south of the Equator, boasts as the southernmost source of the famous river Nile. The landlocked Burundi shares its border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (west), the United Republic of Tanzania (southeast), and the Republic of Rwanda (north). Bujumbura, the capital city situated near the banks of Tanganyika Lake, is still home to structures that remind one of its Belgian and German colonial past.

The cultural capital of Burundi is Gitega, a city close to the Nile river source and Chutes de la Kagera waterfall and is home to the national museum. While Burundi has suffered many tragic conflicts in its past, this tiny nation is gifted with unique landscape, lush forests, diverse flora and fauna, vibrant and ancient culture, historical monuments, and an opportunity to explore plenty of leisure activities. Centrally situated, Burundi offers convenient access to some of Africa's prominent attractions, including Zanzibar’s beaches, Rwanda's National Park, Tanzania's National Park in Serengeti, and Congo’s volcanoes in Kahuzi Biega. Burundi is also home to Africa’s deepest lake, the Great Lake of Tanganyika. The northwestern cloud forest is a home to African primates. Bird watchers will find Rusizi Delta a quiet delight. Among Burundi’s unique landscape are deep gorges with waterfalls, pristine caves, hot springs, and stunning rock formations. While Kibira and Ruvubu National Parks should be a must-see, you can easily visit Ruzizi Natural Preserve from Bujumbura if you are short of time. Visit the southernmost source of the Nile, symbolized by a pyramid at the top of the mount Gikizi.

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