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Cameroon Travel Insurance


Cameroon is a Central African nation that offers great ethnic, geographic and wildlife diversity. Cameroon shares its borders with the Atlantic Ocean (southwest), Gabon and Equatorial Guinea (south), the Republic of the Congo (southeast), the Central African Republic (east), Chad (northeast), and Nigeria (northwest). This triangle-shaped country has many reasons to entice travelers; dense rainforests, active volcanoes, white sandy beaches, and a landscape filled with bizarre rock formations. Its vast ethnicity has led to the rise of about 230 local languages. As compared to most African nations, Cameroon enjoys decent infrastructure and greater political stability.

For the best beach experience, head to the south-western region of Limbe. The beaches of this seaside city are named after their total distance from the city center. So you’ll find Mile 11 and Mile 6 beaches. Mile 8 beach near Batoké village offers an exciting view of the Mt Cameroon's lava flows. Africa's second oldest botanical garden is present in Cameroon. Cycads, mango, nutmeg, and cinnamon are among the many varieties of trees that can be discovered here. Travelers will love the spectacular trekking trails of the Mandara Mountains. Located west of Maroua, you will find traditional villages, lush valleys, and massive rock formations. Many villages here are known to offer splendid mountainous scenery. Discover steep hillsides, get a glimpse of a weekly market at Mora village, or simply continue on a scenic hike through the rural landscape. Fon's Palace is a striking symbol of a 700-year-old dynasty. There is also a museum above this palace with collections of local weapons, carvings, and costumes.

Travelers to Cameroon from all countries require visas prior to arrival in the country. While there is no Cameroonian embassy in India, Cameroonian embassies in neighboring countries issue visas relatively quickly for around $60.
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