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Croatia Travel Insurance


Croatia engulfs you with its majestic natural beauty and is thus quite simply one of the best destinations in Europe for a holiday. Its towns and cities are equally rich with history and have a number of fascinating tales to tell. The structures and culture left behind by the various civilizations and empires add to the storytelling, making all that you come across even more delightful and exciting.

The nation is home to a grand amphitheater known as the Pula Arena, which is the sixth-largest surviving Roman arena. Remarkably well preserved, it was built in Pula around the 1st century AD and has a seating capacity of over 26,000 spectators. It is said that the structure had started being stripped down in the 15th century for its stones which were then used to build houses and other buildings in the area. The whole practice stopped soon however, and the amphitheater today continues to stand in all its pride and glory.
Moving forward, if a glamorous, fancy evening is what you’re looking for, then Hvar Town is the place for you. Characterized by gorgeous13th-century walls and mesmerizingly ornamented Gothic palaces on marble streets, this townis definitely worth a visit. Having enjoyed these spectacles, don’t forget to check out Rovinj, a charming picturesque town which seems to exists simply to fulfill all your fantasies about a Mediterranean holiday.

Make sure you apply for your visa well before you plan to commence your holiday. The Croatian Embassy is located in New Delhi while the Consulate is in Mumbai and Kolkata. Buy Royal Sundaram travel insurance for Croatia to find a policy that will best suit you. Find affordable and comprehensive travel insurance for Croatia, with variour provisions such as covers on loss of checked-in baggages and much more, devised specifically to make sure you thoroughly enjoy your entire trip without needless worries.
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