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Gabon Travel Insurance


With about 10% of this country designated as a protected natural and national park, Gabon has decided to take a lead in the African continent in ecotourism. Gabon is home to over 8,000 species of plants, 600 species of birds, and 200 species of mammals. Along the Atlantic coast, Gabon is part of equatorial Africa and remains in peace and political stability, unlike most other African nations. Since most wildlife reserves of East Africa are now trying to cope with overcrowding, Gabon is increasingly becoming African safari’s new address. While Gabon has 13 national parks, the diversity of wildlife is at its peak in the famous Loango National Park. Spread over a vast savannah of about 1,550 km, the park is located between the Nkomi and Ndogo Lagoons. Experience its unspoiled beaches, dense mangrove forests, and a range of wildlife that includes leopards, hippos, elephants, gorillas, and buffalos. If you are in Gabon from mid-July to mid-September, you will discover the Loango coastline populated with killer whales, humpback whales, and dolphins. Loango is truly ‘Africa’s Last Eden’.

Most of Gabon is still an undiscovered land of vast natural wealth. Its only major city is Libreville. While there are several languages spoken here, French remains its official language. Fang is Gabon’s primary African language. Be prepared to travel through Gabon’s poor road conditions and other infrastructural inadequacies.

Traveling overseas is an exciting experience. Get travel insurance for Gabon so you could set your mind at rest and enjoy this nation freely. Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Gabon will cover losses resulting from inconveniences such as loss of visa/passport, critical emergency purchase of clothes or medicines, or loss of checked-in baggage.
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