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Guinea-Bissau Travel Insurance


Once dominated by the Gabu and Mali kingdoms, the Republic of Guinea-Bissau is a small West African coastal nation. Situated to the south of Senegal, this nation is witnessing a renewed interest in its tourism after long periods of instability. Apart from a number of local languages, conversations here are dominated by Portuguese, Creole, and a bit of French. Guinea-Bissau’s towns will reflect its volatile past — bruised buildings and decaying structures pop up now and then. Yet, this little nation is rich in wildlife, beaches, West African traditions, and colonial heritage. Strolling through its towns, you will come across remnants of its Portuguese colonial era. But, move deeper inside Guinea-Bissau and you will experience a dusty, dry, and grassy landscape.

This nation, however, is also home to Africa's only archipelago, the Bijagos. This archipelago is a biosphere reserve, apart from two other island groups which are also designated national parks. Take a boat ride to the Bijagós and discover these islands while they appear in complete contrast to the mainland. Apart from home to Guinea-Bissau’s natives, these islands also harbor wildlife forms such as manatees, sharks, turtles, and a rare variety of salt-water hippopotamus. Ilha de Orango is part of the Orango Islands National Park. Besides turtle-nesting sites, you will observe a variety of birds around its palm and mangrove vegetation. The elegant façade of the former Presidential Palace is an attraction on the mainland. Even today, Guinea-Bissau remains mostly undiscovered as compared to other popular African destinations.

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