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Syria Travel Insurance

Syria  Syria Syria

Syria is a large country in the Middle East, engulfed by a short coastline on the east Mediterranean Sea. It is dominated by the Arab population, making Arabic the official language of Syria. Populated by minority groups like the Kurds, Armenians, Circassians and Turks, speaking Kurdish, Armenian, Turkish, French and English, this place has a diverse cultural background. The climate in Syria is warm and dry, but winters are pleasant. The area around Euphrates River valley and the coastal plain is densely populated, and hosts several architectural sites. A few exotic places include Umayyad Mosque, Roman Ruins, Crac des Chevaliers and Saladin’s Castle. You can take a stroll around the Souqs market and return back with several luxury goods, aromatic items, and household items. Due to recent political turmoil, conditions in Syria are a bit unstable.

To safeguard yourself against the impact of any hazardous event during a trip to Syria, Royal Sundaram offers travel insurance policy. This policy will offer extensive coverage for medical expenses, flight cancellations, loss of baggage, etc. 
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