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5 Tips to Protect Your Home While Traveling Abroad

18 January, 2016

Visiting exotic international destinations for a family trip is certainly a great way of enjoying your vacations. It allows you to relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones, while also exploring a new place. Doing so requires you to be away from home for a long time however.

This prolonged absence may leave your home vulnerable to theft, fire, or other such accidents. While your international travel insurance provides cover against the risks you may encounter while traveling, your home may remain unprotected.

But with a few easy tips, you can secure your home against such risks, and enjoy your trip without any worries

1. Enhance Security Systems

Be sure to protect your home with burglar-proof security systems such as locks and alarms. This would ensure that even when you are not around, your home remains protected from unwanted trespassers. Visible security systems don’t just offer protection, but they also serve as deterrents to theft and other crimes.

2. Precaution Against Accidents

It is important to check that all the arrangements in your home are in place before departing for a long vacation. Do not forget to turn off your water and natural gas supply, and electric appliances like your desktop computer, television, geyser, or lights. This significantly reduces the risk of fire, short-circuits or flooding.

3. Stop Deliveries

Do not forget to inform services such as newspaper delivery, milkman or postman, about your absence. A stack of newspapers at your doorstep could attract the attention of burglars, who may attempt to break in.

4. Notify Neighbors

Request a trusted neighbor, friend or relative to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. With someone constantly watching over your home, the risk of thefts or accidents is reduced.

5. Insurance Cover

Despite all the precautions, it is quite possible that your home may still be susceptible to certain risks. Fortunately, several travel insurance policies also offer cover against such risks to your home, while you are away.

Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance gives your home cover of up to Rs. 2 lakhs, against fire, accidents, and theft while you are away. So, purchase your travel insurance plan online with Royal Sundaram, before your next international trip.