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Claim possibility for loss of checked-in baggage under travel insurance

11 March, 2020

On a foreign trip, the most important thing is your luggage and documents. Loss of baggage at the airport or during the stay can leave you in panic. Losing valuables and important documents can ruin the trip you have been planning and saving for many years.


It is not a traveller’s fault to reach the destination airport and find that your luggage is damaged or worse, missing! A travel insurance policy will keep you safe in case of such blunders by the airlines. Not many travellers are aware of this benefit of international travel insurance.


An ideal overseas travel insurance policy from India will cover you from potential losses that may occur during your stay in a foreign country. Apart from compensation on loss of baggage, travel policy will also cover expenses such as medical emergency, trip delay/ cancellation etc. Experts recommend on availing a travel policy before any international trip so as to benefit in case of temporary/permanent damage to luggage or loss of necessary documents.


What is covered under this benefit?

Each policy has different coverage options, so it is crucial to go through the policy documents at the time of purchase of the policy. Below is the list of common ‘loss of baggage’ coverage options -


Permanent Loss of Luggage - If your luggage is permanently misplaced, then you will receive a compensation in the form of reimbursement the amount agreed upon at the time of the purchase of the policy.


Temporary Loss or Delay of Checked-in Luggage – Sometimes, the luggage gets delayed and reaches the destination hours after you have arrived at the destination. In these cases, the insurance policy will pay for the emergency purchase of essential medicines, clothes and toiletries. This can be claimed if the baggage is delayed by more than specified hours from the Scheduled Time of Arrival.


What are the limitations?

There are always exclusions and limitations to every policy benefit. Hence, it is of utmost importance to thoroughly understand the policy coverages and exclusions to know all about your claim procedure. Different types of plans have varying coverage for entire lost/damaged luggage. Let us have a look at some of the commonly excluded items in this benefit.


  • No cover for daily utility stuff like deodorants, cosmetics, contact lenses etc.
  • Loss of baggage due to personal negligence may also not be covered under a travel insurance plan.


Claim process:

To claim compensation, in case of lost/delayed baggage, the claim form is to be submitted along with below commonly necessary documents:

  • Boarding pass and baggage coupon
  • A list stating all the items lost
  • Proof of ownership of expensive items
  • Bills and Vouchers supporting the claim
  • Property irregularity report
  • Airline confirmation stating loss/delay of baggage
  • Bank Account details for claim settlement


After reviewing all the documents, it will be determined whether the claim is genuine or not, and then sent for further approval.


Why is it must to have a travel insurance plan?

With an international travel plan, you can be assured that all your potential risks will be covered by the insurance provider. So, you don’t have to worry about your saving going down the drain.


There is an emphasis on proper coverage because an ideal travel plan must include all necessary benefits, including medical coverage. Medical treatment in foreign countries is quite expensive, so a travel plan with sufficient medical coverage will take care of that aspect. Apart from medical coverage, other essential benefits such as trip cancellation/delay, loss of baggage, etc., must also be covered.


It is also significant to note that a travel insurance policy from India will cost you much less than that of the destination you are travelling to. Also, it keeps you safe from uncertainties that may arise before you reach your desired destination.


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