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Ensure your travel insurance plan has the best coverage

16 February, 2017

Traveling from India to another country? Have you checked if you are safe enough? When it comes to safety while traveling, whether it is for the leisure or business, the term is used beyond the documents and the medicines that you carry with yourself for emergency purpose. The most important security at the time of traveling overseas is in the form of travel insurance. However, simply opting for a travel insurance without finding about the right coverage is equal to not having one. At the time of purchasing a travel insurance plan, here are some of the most important things that you should be a part of the plan that you are opting for:


Health Cover

You may fall ill due to fever, food poisoning or may be required to go for a test. A good health insurance cover provides a specific amount of medical coverage. Apart from this it covers medical aid, diagnostic tests as well as emergency surgeries which may include dental treatments. Moreover, the health cover may also include the cost of transportation incurred for the purpose of medical emergencies.


Personal Accident

At the time of travelling, there are cases when tourists end up meeting with an accident. In such case, it is very important to have sufficient funds in order to receive the right treatment within a short period of time. Therefore, a travel insurance plan should offer sufficient coverage for a personal accident. This should be one of the most essential coverage that you should check for while purchasing a health insurance plan.



How many times have you faced a situation like flight delay? Well, traveling isn’t always smooth. There are a number of cases wherein travellers either lose their baggage or are left stranded at the airport due to a flight delay. In a few cases, some people also tend to lose their passports. The travel insurance coverage provides reimbursement of expenses caused due to flight delay or for reissuing duplicate documents.


While purchasing your travel insurance plan, check for the above mentioned inclusions in the coverage. This coverage is offered by Royal Sundaram plan as well.