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Few Things to Consider before buying Travel Insurance

08 November, 2016

Don’t let the extra money defer you from making the investment of travel insurance. An effective travel insurance can minimize your risks of travelling, accidents, illness, missed flights, canceled tours, lost baggage, theft, terrorism, name it and it is covered. Even though you don’t make a claim every time you buy a travel insurance, it is unwise to go out without one. A travel insurance plan provides cashless hospitalization and if needed covers your evacuation cost too. It may also pay for your legal support during financial emergencies.


So don’t take a “travel insurance plan” as normal paper work or treat it in a secondary manner. This may not give you the best deal. Thus it is important to understand your needs. Usually you don’t buy a travel insurance unless its mandatory, but you don’t understand that if you spend a few hundred rupees, you will insure yourself against future financial disasters.


These are few tips you must consider before buying a travel insurance policy.


Your destination common question you must ask yourself here is where am I going? It determines the size of the cover required. Since medical cover is the main feature of travel insurance.


Your duration if you are frequent traveler, you must opt for an annual multi trip policy to save money. This ensures that you don’t have to pay additional administrative expenses.


Compare- Always compare plans. Don’t buy them just like that. One plan may be more beneficial than the other in different ways. Conduct a comparative analysis of companies and their offerings like online services, claims process, toll free number, payment options.