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Guidelines to Choosing Your Best First Travel-Abroad Destination

19 August, 2014

Do you recall the time when your heart races and you are giddy with excitement? Such feelings of anxiety and apprehension swell when you’re sitting by the window in an aircraft, and you hear the captain say that he is ‘ready for the take-off’. These moments are full of eagerness and anticipation, when you are nervous about how your trip will be, and whether you’ve made the right choice of destination and would be ticking off all the right places.

  • Language
    The main factor to take into consideration before travelling is whether the locals understand and speak the language(s) that you do. A lot depends on how much the locals comprehend how much of what you’re saying. If you do not know their language(s), make sure you know the bare essentials of it at least.

  • Distance
    Based on the amount of time you have, you can choose your ideal place to travel. It makes sense to go to a far off place if you have ample of time at hand, but if you have only a week to spare, reduce travel time considerably and increase the duration of your visit.

  • Interests
    It’s great if you plan a trip based on your hobbies. This assures you of a fun-filled and exploratory tour. For instance, if you are a Formula 1 aficionado, it is a good idea to plan a trip to Spain or Singapore during the Grand Prix, while football enthusiasts can head to places such as the UK and witness the euphoria of EPL. This will easily make your first trip abroad a memorable one!

  • Budget
    Another aspect determining your travel is how much money you plan to spend on the round trip. Make sure you take into consideration the expenses for accommodation, food, sight-seeing, and transport while selecting the location.

  • Climate
    The destination you select depends on whether you are in the mood to bask in the sun or relax by the pool side. It depends on what kind of weather you crave for. Each country has different weather conditions in different seasons, so decide whether you are in the mood to warm yourself up or enjoy a frigid night!

After you have decided where you want to go, ensure the safety of your visit by investing in the right travel insurance.