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Here's How Travel Insurance Helps You During Trip Interruptions?

10 May, 2017

A travel insurance is the protection cover that safeguards you from all the mishaps that can take place on your trip. This plan covers you for trip cancellations before you commence your trip as well as trip interruptions that result in delays or cancellations that take place after your trip begins.



Like any other claim, trip interruption claims can be rejected if they are not supported with justifiable evidences. We list here some of the major reasons behind trip interruptions, which are eligible for claim:


Ø  Weather Issues: Trip interruption due to weather disturbance is one of the most common reasons behind such claims. Snow, storm and other such harsh weather conditions, which might prevent you from reaching the airport in time are considered as valid reasons. Arranging for the next flight and paying for extra expenses involved in the process becomes your insurance company’s responsibility, in such a scenario.


Ø  Terrorist Attacks: In case of a terrorist attack in the country you are visiting, your insurance company will provide emergency evacuation services.


Ø  Strikes: Any political unrest and/or strikes at your travel destination are other valid reasons for yourtravel insurance company to step in.


While your insurance plan pays/reimburses you for all the expenditure emerging out of trip interruptions, it in no way covers any expenses that come out of your carelessness. So beware that only coincidental interruptions will be paid for. Read your policy wording for exclusions.


Filling for these claims involve a simple procedure:


-  Download the claim form from your insurance company’s website.

-  Submit the duly-filled claim form along with other documents (that will serve as the evidence). Ideally, this needs to be done within 30 days after your trip ends.