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How to Avoid Travel Insurance Claim Rejection

15 December, 2015

While bursting with excitement and enthusiasm, travelers do have to contend with some amount of anxiety when travelling overseas. Travel insurance that offers coverage for a wide variety of risks, ensures that you don’t have to worry about any unforeseen expenses while travelling.

A good travel insurance plan online allows you to claim health care expenses and reimbursements for loss or theft of belongings, among other things. However, sometimes, your insurance company may refuse to pay for certain claims. With a few careful precautions you can avoid claim rejection.

Here are some points to keep in mind to avoid claims rejection from your travel insurance provider

conditions of your policy


• Avoid Alcohol or Substance Abuse

When consuming alcohol or recreational drugs, your mental faculties and natural reflexes are compromised, increasing the risk of injury and accidents. Naturally, an insurance company would refuse to pay for damages to health or possessions that result from intoxication. It is therefore better to abstain from such activities when traveling.


• Care for Your Possessions

Handle your luggage carefully and always keep a watchful eye over your belongings. Leaving your valuables and other possessions unattended, or in the care of unauthorized personnel makes them more susceptible to theft or loss. As this is considered negligence on your part, your claim may be rejected.



• Know Your Policy

It is important to be well-acquainted with the terms and conditions of your policy. Be sure to read the agreement thoroughly when purchasing international travel insurance. Exclusions vary between different policies and insurers, so make sure to read the fine print and check with your provider.




• Be Meticulous with Paper-Work

At times, even though your claim may be genuine, it could be rejected due to lack of adequate and authentic documents. Be sure to have all the necessary papers, such as medical bills and receipts for hotel and travel payments in place. Your claim is less likely to be rejected when presented with accurate and reliable documentation.




• Provide Accurate Medical History

It is very important to disclose your entire medical history to the insurance company before purchasing travel insurance. As most policies exclude care for pre-existing conditions, this helps in establishing your health status when buying insurance.




In most cases, you may easily avoid a claim rejection by having a keen eye for detail. With benefits like cover for loss of baggage and documents, be sure to read through Royal Sundaram's terms and conditions when buying travel insurance plan online.