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Multi-Trip Travel Plan: Why A Must-Have for Frequent Traveler

29 January, 2019

Traveling is a fun-filled experience. Although, it can be troublesome if not planned properly. In order to ensure a safe and secure travel, it is important to get the right type of travel insurance policy. A travel insurance not just helps you to fly overseas with ease, but also, takes care of several unfortunate events such as medical emergencies, loss of baggage/passport, flight cancellations, etc. Although, for frequent travelers, a multi-trip insurance makes more sense than buying a travel insurance.  Thus, if travelling is a regular affair for you, then investing in a multi-trip travel insurance plan is an apt choice for you.

A multi-trip travel insurance plan is a type of insurance policy that covers you for multiple trips in a year. In fact, it helps you to plan your trips year around without any hassles or worries related to travel issues. This customized travel insurance plan is designed especially for individuals who travel several times in a year. You can buy multi-trip travel insurance anytime when you need it. Ideally, it’s good to buy this insurance policy before leaving for a trip.

A few Key Inclusions –

  • Medical Expenses (including medical evacuation) 
  • Loss of Checked-in baggage/Passport
  • Trip Delay/Trip Cancellation
  • Personal Liability
  • Missed Connections/Departures
  • Personal Liability
  • Hijacking Benefit
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Trip Curtailment
  • Personal Liability
  • Emergency Cash Advance
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Sickness Dental Relief
  • Airline booking/Bounced Hotel
  • Political risk


Here’s why every frequent traveler must have a multi-trip travel insurance plan –

  • You get to enjoy multiple trips abroad: By buying a multi-trip travel insurance plan, you can enjoy several trips during the policy tenure of one year. It covers you against the loss of checked-in baggage or passport, emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, etc.
  • It covers you for a longer period: Multi-trip insurance policy is available for a period of 365 days. This facility is not available in case of single-trip policy. In a single trip insurance policy, travel insurance could be classified in to 35/45/60 or 90 days. But, in multi-trip insurance plan, days spent must not exceed 180 days.
  • It is suitable for business traveler: If your business requires a lot of traveling, then multi-trip insurance is an ideal choice for you. Any mishap can happen during the trip such as flight delays, loss of luggage, etc. Therefore, it’s good to buy a multi-trip insurance plan as these plans are designed specially to cover you during your business trips.
  • Things are easy with multi-trip insurance: Buying a single travel insurance plan can be tedious at times. As every time you travel, you will have to read the fine print carefully, check the things covered or not covered and its claim procedure. Thus, it’s ideal to buy a multi-trip insurance plan as it’s a one-time effort.  It acts as a protective shield against the issues that you may face while buying a single-trip travel plan.   
  • It is cost effective: Multi-trip travel insurance plan is affordable as compared to single-trip insurance plan as it not just saves your money but also the hassles that you might face while buying a travel insurance.
  • It’s ideal for last minute preparedness: This type of travel insurance policy prepares you for last-minute trips. For instance, if you suddenly get a call from your boss for a meeting abroad or if you have to plan an outing overseas due to a family emergency, then in such case you may prefer to travel without a travel insurance. This is where a multi-trip insurance plan comes as a saviour as it prepares you for unexpected expenses that may arise due emergencies.
  • Several benefits: A multi-trip insurance policy comes with several features such as loss or delay in checked-in baggage, trip delays or cancellation, accidental death and dismemberment, loss of passport, etc.
  • It covers trip cancellation costs: Multi-trip travel insurance covers expenses incurred due to last minute trip cancellations.
  • Medical expenses: This type of insurance policy protects your finances by covering your medical expenses that you might face while traveling abroad. In addition to this, a multi-trip insurance policy also covers medical evacuation costs from the place where you are traveling to your home country.


Who all can be covered under multi-trip travel insurance?

The eligibility criteria in case of multi-trip insurance policy depends on company to company. Some companies follow the below-mentioned criteria –

  • Minimum age for the entry of the policyholder – 91 days
  • Maximum age for the entry of the policyholder – 70 years
  • 18 years should be the minimum age for proposer


What are the things excluded under multi-trip travel insurance plan?

Here’re the few exclusions under multi-trip travel insurance policy –

  • Medical cover for pre-existing diseases
  • Traveling in a bad health condition
  • Expenses arising due to HIV/AIDS, mental disorders, self-inflicted injuries, depression or anxiety
  • Expenses incurred as a result of drug abuse or alcohol
  • Expenses suffered due to the involvement in harmful or hazardous activities


On the whole, if you are someone who travels very often, then buying a multi-trip insurance is a very good idea. Also, it is advisable to compare several travel insurance plans that are available online. Besides, if you are looking to buy multi-trip insurance plan online, then go for Royal Sundaram; they offer customized travel plans for business travelers who take multiple trips in a year.