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Things to know for Single Trip Travel Insurance

13 November, 2019

Travel is as much a luxury for the mind as it is a necessity for the soul. Travelling opens avenues, provides stimulation to all your senses, and presents new perspectives about the world and its people. The travel industry is booming as more and more people these days like to travel for work, leisure, or academic purposes. But a wonderful travel experience can easily turn into a nightmare if even the smallest of things go off track.

Random cancellation of flights, losing or misplacing your baggage, suffering from an accident or injury, or God forbid, if you meet some other form of emergency, your entire journey can become chaotic and dreadful in no time. Take the example of a very simple dental ailment. Medical costs are exorbitant outside India, and the cost of treatment can seriously derail your travel plans.


Therefore, it becomes paramount to be covered against all similar occurrences on a foreign trip, even if it is a short one. And the best way to do this is via a single visit travel insurance policy. Before we begin telling you about the salient features of the single trip travel insurance, let’s go through the two basic types of travel insurances.


Single Trip Travel Insurance

A single trip travel insurance is a comprehensive cover against any loss or damage during a particular trip. The protection covers any emergency for one international. The policy commences with the beginning of your journey and provides cover until you return.


Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

A multi-trip travel insurance policy takes care of all trips within a pre-decided period. For most insurance companies, this is a year. This type of insurance is ideal for people who frequently travel domestically or abroad.


Important Points to Know About Single Trip Travel Insurance



A single trip travel insurance is suitable for people who do not travel frequently. Ideally, if you do not travel more than once or twice a year, then a single trip insurance policy would be ideal for you, as it is more affordable, and can be availed only when needed. Such insurances can be availed for SI ranging between USD 50,000 and USD 10,00,000.



The minimum age of the person proposing the insurance must be 18. Medical reports are not required, but having overall good health conditions is imperative. The insured person must also be at least 91 days old, and not more than 70 years old, during the time of entry.


Special Plans

There are various special plans available as single trip travel insurance policies. Some examples are: the Asia plan, which is specially made to help people from India travelling to any Asian country (except Japan and Korea).
There is also a senior citizen’s plan, in which the minimum age of the insured person must be 71 or more. It is provided against the traveller’s medical reports for SI up to USD 1,00,000 only.


Product Benefits**


The benefits under the scope of a single trip travel insurance may include coverage of:

  • Medical Expenses (including medical evacuation)
  • Sickness Dental Relief
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit (within 24 hrs)
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
  • Delay of Checked-in Baggage
  • Loss of Checked-in Baggage
  • Loss of Passport Benefit
  • Personal Liability Benefit
  • Trip Delay Benefit
  • Hijacking Benefit
  • Assistance Services
  • Cash rewarded after more than 2 days of hospitalization
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit (Common Carrier)
  • Automatic extension of policy upto 7 days
  • Emergency Cash Advance
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Curtailment
  • Missed Connections/Missed Departures
  • Bounced Hotel/Airline Booking
  • Emergency Hotel Extension
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Political risk and Catastrophe evacuation
  • Return of Minor
  • Personal Liability Benefit
  • Home Content Insurance (in INR)


** These benefits may be subject to the actual policy bought, as well as the destination country, and the duration of travel.



Travelling is an activity best done with a free mind, and a carefree spirit. And when you have a proper travel insurance covering you from all possible disasters, there is nothing that can weigh you down, or stop you from having a great time.

So, pack your bags, and start your journey; with only joy, and no jitters.