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Tips to select the right travel insurance

19 February, 2013

With the holiday season around the corner, travellers are rushing to make all kinds of arrangement for their trip. Amongst the packing and bookings that you need to do, it is quite possible that you forget about securing your trip with a travel insurance plan. But that’s not a very wise thing to do. Many consider buying travel insurance plans to be an added expense. However, this is the best way you can make sure you have a safe trip. The market is full of plans that promise you comprehensive cover on the trip, but selecting one that best suits you is important.
Here are a few tips that will help you select the right travel insurance plan -
Check the coverage provided : A travel insurance plan is designed to cover you from all conceivable risks on a trip. The policy offers reimbursement for any unanticipated cost on the trip. Some of the common aspects covered by the policy include cover for trip delay, loss of baggage or travel documents, delay of baggage, medical emergencies, legal liabilities etc. So when you compare policies to buy a travel insurance plan make sure these basic aspects are covered by the policy. Sometimes a few factors covered by the policy may not seem very important to you but you need to make sure the ones that matter to you are provided.
Buy travel insurance online : After you’ve booked your tickets online and made the hotel reservations, consider to buy a travel insurance plan online as well. Buying your travel insurance online will not only save you time but money as well. In case you are looking for an affordable plan then do look for offers online. In order to encourage insurance buyers to opt for the online mode of purchasing, providers offer excellent discounts on the amount. Also, buying your policy online helps you compare different products easily.
Opt for a Multi-trip plan : If you are sure that you’ll be travelling more than once in a year then it is sensible to opt for a multi-trip plan. This plan will cover all your trips for a year with some limitation on the length of trips. You will have to pay a little more than a single trip plan but it is comparatively cheaper than buying a policy each time you need to travel.  This relieves you the pain of seeking insurance cover  at eleventh hour of your travel commencement.
Be an early bird : Buying a travel insurance plan early proves it worth money wise too.  This would ensure that you pay a lesser premium or  you get a higher coverage. Service Tax  is applicable on  date of your purchase of policy and not based on your date of commencement of trip. Hence you may save as much as the tax hike.  Some Insurer may withdraw  a higher cover due to many technical reasons at any point of time.  If you are the early bird, you can enjoy a higher cover too.