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Which all Health Treatments does a travel insurance cover?

01 November, 2018

One of the key benefits travel insurance offers is overseas health cover. A cover which becomes active if you fall victim to an illness or injury sustained while abroad or require hospitalization. Many people purchase insurance before they travel keeping this benefit in mind.


A travel policy covers the following aspect if your health suffers whilst you are overseas:


  • It covers outpatient treatment charges which cannot be delayed until the policyholder’s return to India.
  • It covers in-patient treatment of the policyholder at a hospital. The circumstances of the hospitalization should be insurable.
  • It covers all medical aid charges, which a physician deems necessary for treatment of injuries or broken bones if any. Other treatments like radiotherapy, heat therapy, and physiotherapy are covered as well related to emergency treatment.
  • It covers procedures such as X-ray and other diagnostic tests if they are for the diseases, which warranted the policyholder’s hospitalization.
  • It covers the medical transport and any medical care administered en route due to emergency conditions.
  • If the medical condition requires the policyholder’s transfer to a special clinic and the physician deems it necessary, the policy covers the charges.
  • It covers charges for relieving dental relief because of injury sustained to sound natural teeth.
  • It pays a lump sum benefit for each 24 hours if the policyholder is hospitalised for a period more than 48 hours.


While a travel insurance policy designed to provide maximum overseas health benefits to its customers, there are a few instances when these benefits do not apply. These instances are called exclusions.


  • Any claim arising out of pre-existing diseases and any complications, which are caused due to these diseases.
  • Any claim arising out of alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Any injuries arising out of participation in adventure sports or activities unless declared beforehand and premiums are paid for it. 


You just got a good look into the health benefits a travel insurance offers. Use this knowledge to make an informed choice the next time you are buying a travel policy.