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All about maternity cover in health insurance

20 March, 2013

Welcoming a new member of a family is the most happy moment in any one’s life, and if it is a new born the happiness is manifold.
The period of pregnancy & delivery calls for a lot of expenses to be made. Not only delivery, but also  some complications of pregnancy require  a care as in patient in hospital.
While health insurance is designed to cover any disease/ accident,  maternity does not fall under the scope of a normal health insurance.  However Group Health policies covering employees of an organization offering this coverage to certain extent.  However  there had been a constant demand for maternity coverage from market of younger population which is a target segment of any Insurer. This has opened gates for such a cover  in health insurance.
With the growing popularity of the plan, almost every provider seeks to offer this benefit to its customers. Hence, when planning to avail a maternity cover , check if your existing provider offers Maternity coverage. Delivery of upto 2 children are covered under this benefit.
Few things that you need to keep in mind while buying a  plan offering maternity cover

  • The waiting period to get maternity cover under a health insurance plan is mostly 3-6 years. This means that you can avail this benefit of the policy only after 3-6 years from the day you take health insurance.  Choose a plan where the waiting period matches your requirement.
  • The benefit differs from provider to provider. Also, the coverage changes with the type of delivery, this means less coverage for normal delivery and more for caesarean.
  • Ensure that your policy offers cover for all emergency situations related to pregnancy and delivery as well., hence this works as a big relief.
  • Before you buy the policy, be sure to check all the features, benefits, clauses, terms and conditions with the insurer. Unpleasant surprises will cost you heavily later on.
  • It is good to start with a health policy early in life, especially to get this coverage seamlessly.