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Tips to Pick the Best Health Insurance Plan

28 January, 2015

One thing to keep in mind is that the medical expenses are rising alarmingly. In today’s world health insurance is an indispensable tool. The cost of medical treatment is on an all-time high and is expected to rise further.Medical emergencies like illness, diseases and accidents tend to result in prolonged hospitalization, which can lead to major financial crisis. The only way to tackle this unavoidable issue is by having a Arogya Sanjeevani Policy which takes care of all your hospitalization expenses.

Now the major question is, “Which is the best insurance plan that you should go for? The awareness for the need of medical insurance is high, but at the same time there is lot of ignorance when it comes to choosing medical insurance policies. The major reason behind this lack of awareness is lack of knowledge about a comprehensive health care plan.

A comprehensive health insurance plan offers medical care and hospitalization benefit while preventing you from spending money on healthcare costs. Moreover, plans such as Royal Sundaram Master Product Plan provides additional benefits such as Indexation, Accidental hospitalization cover, maternity benefits, hospital cash, and payment of out-patient charges. In addition to this, you can avail reimbursement for pre and post hospitalization expenses, day care expenses, ambulance charges, and health check-ups.

Selecting one of the best health insurance policies would also give you impressive tax benefits in India. Most of the time intelligent people buy health insurance plans with the prime motive of saving tax.However, most of them fail to understand the health care benefits available with this policy.

Before you decide to buy any policy, take a look at some of the factors which you should consider to get the standard health insurance plan.

  • Age and number of the members who needs to be included in your medical insurance policy
  • Adequate Sum Insured - It is important to take adequate cover to protect your family members. Your policy should ideally cover all dependent members of the family
  • Knowledge regarding the medical check-ups if one has attained a pre-defined age
  • Check whether the policy offers critical illness covers
  • Knowledge of additional covers apart from regular hospitalization cover
  • It is important to know about the exclusions of the policy