Add On Covers

Add On Covers

Get depreciation waiver on plastic and metal parts in case of partial loss/claim. This means when you make a claim, you will get the full claim amount without any deduction for depreciation on the value of parts being replaced.
For example, normally when you have to replace some part and make a claim towards this replacement, you will not get the full cost of the part but only the depreciated cost depending on how old your vehicle is. Older the vehicle lower the value, however you can protect yourself against depreciation with this cover. If you take this cover, you will be paid full value of the parts without deduction of any amount towards depreciation. This means you do not have to pay out of your pocket towards the replacement of the parts.
What is Covered?

  • Where a claim is admitted for repairs depreciation stipulated in Section I of the Policy will not apply in respect of parts replaced, if the Policy has been issued subject to this Add-on Cover.
  • We will pay the cost of those parts that need replacement, in full without any deduction towards depreciation.  

What is not Covered?    

  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Damage caused by an uninsured peril including mechanical breakdown.
  • Damage to uninsured items including accessories and bi-fuel/gas kit.
  • Claims made for theft of parts and/or accessories.
  • Claims made under Self Authorization Mode.
  • Parts/Items/Paintwork etc. that are specifically excluded from the scope of the policy.
  • Deductibles: As per the base Package Policy

Minimum Premium: The cover will be subject to a minimum premium of Rs.100/-.
Other Conditions:    
• The Cover will be offered on annual basis and will run concurrently with the Package policy of the vehicle.
• Mid-term inclusion or removal of this cover shall not be allowed.
• The Cover is not available for imported vehicles and obsolete models that are no more in production and whose parts are not available off the shelf.
 Pricing: Based on the vehicles IDV, Age, Engine size and Make   
UIN No: IRDAN102A0001V01201011

If the windscreen glass (front and/or rear) of your car accidentally breaks and needs to be repaired / replaced, we will repair / replace the same without your No Claim Bonus getting affected. This will not be treated as an Own Damage claim and will not affect your No claim bonus next year. 
Normally, you would lose the accumulated No Claim Bonus on claiming for such repair/replacement. With this cover, you can protect your No Claim Bonus in spite of claiming for repair/replacement of your windscreen glass.

What is Covered? 

  • This cover is applicable only when the windshield glass is broken and there are no damages to the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is repaired in a garage / workstation of our choice within the city where you reside based on the residential address provided for this insurance.
  • If the windshield glass is repaired / replaced at any other place, the incident will be treated as a separate claim and the No Claim Bonus will be affected.
  •  Only for the first claim for replacement of windshield glass, during the year.
  • Subsequent claims for Windshield glass will not qualify for continuation of No Claims Bonus.


What is not Covered? 

  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Damage caused by an uninsured peril.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Depreciation on parts, if the depreciation waiver clause is not opted.
  • Cover to be opted at the inception of the Commercial vehicle Package Policy and shall run concurrently with the Package Policy. Mid-term inclusion and/or removal of the cover are not permissible.


Deductibles: As per the base Package Policy.

Minimum Premium: The cover will be subject to a minimum premium of Rs.50.

Pricing: Based on the vehicles IDV, Age and Make.   

UIN No: IRDAN102A0002V01201011