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RTO Mumbai


Mumbai RTO Registration

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 brought many laws and regulations into being. The main duty of the RTO office of Mumbai is to ensure every one of them is followed, and there are no shortcomings in the procedure of registration of vehicles, issuance of driving licenses, road tax collection and more.


Services in Mumbai RTO Office

Just like any other RTO office, the Mumbai department too has its set of responsibilities to look after. These responsibilities are provided to the customer in the form of services like –



  • The Certificate of Registration

    Be it a car or a bike; registration is compulsory. An RTO office can only provide it. With some important documents, an owner can swiftly go about their RTO registration process.

  • Issuance of Driving License

    Every driver has to have a driving license which can only be issued by the RTO office. Anyone above 18 can reach up to Mumbai RTO office and apply for it. With the help of some documents and driving test, they can get their driving license.


Some of the other services include NOC, Hypothecation and Road Tax Payment.

List of RTO offices in Mumbai

List of RTO offices in Mumbai


Maharashtra RTO sees significant work because of the high number of registrations, license issuances and other services. However, the region that sees a lot of activity in Maharashtra is the city of Mumbai.


Mumbai is one of the busiest cities where RTO runs its services. Naturally, there are offices placed in the city and its suburbs where anyone can seek their services or find an answer to their query.


Out of all the regions where Maharashtra RTO is present, 3 of them are functioning in the city of Mumbai.


Below is the list of places from where Mumbai RTO carries its duties-


RTO Region


Pin code

RTO code

Mumbai (Central) RTO Branch

Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo


MH 01

Mumbai (West) RTO Branch

111 – D, Ambivali village, New Manish Market, Versova Road


MH 02

Mumbai (East) RTO Branch

B – 2, 3rd floor, Wadala truck terminals, Wadala


MH 03

RTO Registration Charges in Mumbai

RTO Registration Charges in Mumbai


The registration charges differ from vehicle to vehicle, depending on if it is a bike or a car or something else.


The charge for a two wheeler vehicle is Rs. 60, a three wheeler vehicle costs Rs. 1000, for a medium good vehicle it is Rs. 400, for a LMV (TPT) the charge is Rs. 300 and so on depending on the vehicle.


Procedure for Vehicle Registration


When a bike or a car is purchased, the owner has to register their vehicle with RTO. Normally, a vehicle registration procedure is done in 2 steps –


  1. Temporary Vehicle Registration

    When a vehicle is bought, a dealer issues temporary registration.

  2. Permanent Vehicle Registration

    The owner has to submit documents and apply for permanent vehicle registration.

Motor Insurance in Mumbai

Motor Insurance in Mumbai


According to the law, every car owner has to purchase a vehicle insurance package. Failing to buy it can result in hefty penalties. Also, buying an insurance policy is more than just filing for compulsory papers; it is securing financial assets when something terrible happens. An insurance policy provides financial rescue when the time calls for it.


With the insurgence of online purchases, even the field of insurance purchase has not gone untouched. Digitization has made buying motor insurance online a seamless and time-saving experience.


Follow the below steps to buy insurance online


  • Research the Internet for insurance policies according to the needs.
  • Understand the guidelines and benefits
  • Follow their procedure of purchase and buy it.
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