Travel Claims

Travel Insurance Claims Procedure

If you need to make a claim under Travel Insurance, here's a step-by-step guide for it, covered in 4 sections.
1. Claims process for Health cover - Cashless benefit
2. Claims process for Health cover - Reimbursement.
3. Claims process for Loss of Baggage / Delay in checked-in Baggage.
4. Claims process for Personal Accident.

Car Insurance Claims Procedure (Accordian)

  • Arrange medical attention for anyone who has been injured.
  • Note down particulars of other vehicles/ people involved in the accident.
  • Do not admit liability or agree to compensate anyone, even if you think you are at fault.
  • If there has been third party death, injury and/or property damage or if your vehicle has been damaged by social or criminal causes, please inform the nearest police station immediately.
  • Intimate the loss of or damage to vehicle to Royal Sundaram as soon as possible.
  • If your vehicle is not in a driveable condition, ensure that it is protected from further damage. Avoid aggravating the damage by trying to start the engine or driving the vehicle.
  • Arrange for the vehicle to be moved to the nearest workshop of your choice or call Royal Sundaram for assistance.
  • Make sure to inform the police station and obtain a FIR.
  • Inform Royal Sundaram immediately and keep the following details on hand:
    • Policy Details
    • Contact Details
    • Loss Details
  • We will revert by sending you a detailed process letter that will guide you through the entire process through "RPAD" .
  • In the meantime, intimate the concerned RTO about the theft. If original documents are lost along with the vehicle, inform the RTO and police accordingly.
  • Based on statement to police, FIR copy and duly filled in and signed claim form, the claim will the registered.
  • An investigator will be deputed to try and trace the vehicle. We request you to cooperate with the investigation.
  • Once a Non Traceable Certificate (NTC) has been issued by the police, followed by the 173 CrPc Report from the court, the investigator will submit his final report. Admissibility of claim will be decided based on these documents.
  • If admissible, Royal Sundaram will issue an approval letter. You will have to submit the following documents in order for us to settle the claim.
    • Original Registration Certificate
    • Original Fitness Certificate (if the document is separate).
    • In case of unregistered vehicle, original temporary Registration certificate
    • A set of vehicle ownership (Form 28, 29 & 30)
    • Transfer form duly signed and stamped (in the event of a firm or company).
    • A set of ‘NOC’ forms duly signed and stamped by the financier and Form 35.
    • Original and duplicate Keys.
    • Vehicle Owner’s manual along with service, warranty or extended warranty coupons or certificate.
    • Toolkit, if any separately available.
    • Original Insurance policy and Certificate.
    • Letter of subrogation.
    • Letter to RTO on safe custody of vehicle file.
    • Copy of Photo ID proof
  • If any financier, leasing company or any other party has a financial interest in the vehicle, Royal Sundaram will disburse the claim amount to that party as full and final settlement.
  • All communication between the court, police, yourself and any other stakeholders must be forwarded to Royal Sundaram.
  • If the vehicle is recovered, you are required to inform Royal Sundaram immediately. Survey must be conducted at the police station in as-is-where-is condition. If there are any damaged/missing parts, obtain the appropriate certificate and leave it at the nearest workshop before informing the company.
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