Two Wheeler Insurance for Honda Activa

Two Wheeler Insurance for Honda Activa

Honda motorbikes entered the Indian market in 1999, and since then, it has been growing both in terms of popularity and revenue. Honda has captured a large part of India’s two-wheeler with its fabulous bikes and scooters. Honda Activa is one such scooter that was also launched in 1999 and was considered to be one of the best-selling two-wheelers in India.


As the government has mandated having a bike insurance package for your bike, the issue of purchasing two-wheelers is not just limited to identifying the model but also the correct the insurance package.

Honda Activa Bike Insurance Price

Honda Activa Bike Insurance Price


The correct insurance package for any two-wheeler or bike is mainly depended on the bike Insurance price. There are some factors that impact the cost of the insurance premium, thereby affecting the actual price of the insurance. These factors are:


  1. The Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  2. Manufacturing Year of The Bike
  3. Age of The Insured Owner-driver
  4. Add-ons Opted For
  5. Any Applicable Discounts and Offers


Honda Activa Bike Insurance Renewal


Your Honda Insurance protection starts the day you purchase your package, but this kind of protection is only limited to a certain time period, post which it will cease to exist. So, in order to prevent your Honda Activa from any road mishaps, you need to keep a regular tab at the renewal date. In addition, renewal with Royal Sundaram is quite easy and simple because of its Insta Renew application that has a 3-step process to renewal.


Renew Other Company Policy


In case you are not satisfied with your two-wheeler Insurance policy from any other company, you can easily change your plan from your respective company to Royal Sundaram. At Royal Sundaram, a predefined process is formulated to take care of such potential customers. This process includes submitting your two-wheelers registration number and your personal details such as name, phone number, and email ID.


Renew Expired Policy for Honda Activa


If you happen to be a biker who loves riding bikes and also takes care of their bike, you would never forget the expiry date of your insurance package until and unless a flash of lightning has befallen on you. But, in some cases, the situation turned to be unfavorable you tend to miss out on it. Royal Sundaram understands and has deliberately laid out the process in which you can renew Royal Sundaram Policy for Honda Activa even after expiry. However, some documents that are essential in this process are expired policy details, vehicle registration number, and vehicle inspection report (VIR).


Why a Honda Activa Bike Insurance Important for you?


Royal Sundaram provides you the best protection for your Honda Activa because it understands the concerns of the customers. So, it is important that you choose your comprehensive or even third-party bike insurance from them. Further, it also has


  1. Coverage Up To 3 Years in Single Insurance
  2. Protection from Inflation
  3. Claim Settlements Within 10 Working Days
  4. Owner-driver Cover Up to 15 lakhs in Accident Cases
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