Withdrawal of Non Health Insurance Products

Withdrawal of Non Health Insurance Products

Dear Valued Customer,

We wish to inform that the following products are withdrawn and will not be available for renewal as per the mentioned effective date. The existing policies issued before withdrawal will continue till the renewal due date. 

Withdrawn Products

S.No. Name of the Product Date of Withdrawal
1 Home Contents Online 15-Apr-16
2 Home Insurance 15-Apr-16
3 Lost Card insurance 15-Apr-16
4 Purchase Protection 15-Apr-16
5 Go secure 15-Apr-16
6 Safe Loan Shield 07-Apr-16
7 Whirlpool Purchase Protection Insurance 15-Apr-16
8 Miscellaneous Package Policy 15-Apr-16
9 Combined Public and Product Liability Insurance 28-Jul-16
10 Crop Insurance - Modified National Agriculture Insurance Scheme 17-June-16
11 Home Contents Insurance 01-Aug-19
12 Home Contents Protector 01-Aug-19
13 Home Power Protect 01-Aug-19
14 Home Shield Classic 01-Aug-19
15 Home Shield Online 01-Aug-19
16 Secure Home 01-Aug-19
17 VIP Home Shield 01-Aug-19
18 Home Protector 01-Dec-19
19 Private Car Shield/ Full Invoice Price Clause 16-May-23
20 Private Car Shield/ Life Time Road Tax Clause 16-May-23
21 Standalone Motor Own Damage Policy / Full invoice price clause 16-May-23
22 Standalone Motor Own Damage Policy / Life time road tax clause 16-May-23


In case you need any further information, please call us at 18604250000 or write to us at customer.services@royalsundaram.in.