Baggage (Applicable in respect of Gold, Platinum and Diamond Plans only)
Baggage means clothing, toiletries & perfumes, bags and suitcases taken on the journey by you and/or members of your family who is/are permanently residing with you and accompanying you.

Coverage Provided


Total loss or total damage to accompanied personal baggage by accident or theft whilst travelling on tour from home town exceeding 100 kms radius anywhere in India.

Basis of coverage


Gold/Platinum/Diamond Plans– Named perils with depreciation and per item limit

Important Conditions:


The limit per item under this section shall be the actual value or 25% of the sum insured as specified in the schedule of the policy whichever is lower.
For example, under Gold Plan if insured has opted for a sum insured of Rs.2 lacs under this section and whilst on tour loses his suitcase in an accident, and if he claims that apart from the suitcase worth Rs.15000/- he has also lost his Armani suit worth Rs.75000/-, his claim will be considered for Rs.15000 + Rs.50000 (25% of sum insured) before application of excess.

Important exclusions applicable under this section:


1. Theft from any unattended vehicle unless all windows are securely closed and all doors, boot and openings are securely locked.
2. Loss or damage whilst being conveyed by any carrier under contract of affreightment.
3. Loss or damage to money, securities, manuscripts, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, stock or share certificates, stamps, business books or documents, jewellery and Valuables, furs, precious stones, precious metal, gold and silver ornaments, travel tickets, cheques and bank draft, curios, works of art.
4.Loss, destruction or damage caused by or arising from the leakage, spilling or exploding of liquids, oils or materials of a like nature or articles of a dangerous or damaging nature.
5.Loss due to misplacement.
6.Loss to personal baggage that is not within the care, custody or control of You and/or Your Family.
7.Loss of or damage to the personal baggage insured under this Policy due to any misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance or breach of trust in relation thereto by the Insured.