Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability (excluding liability arising out of motor vehicles, Golf Carts & Perambulators) (Applicable in respect of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Plans only)



The Company will compensate the insured, In the event  insured become legally liable to a third party (under statutory liability provisions or in common law for an incident occurring in India which results in death, injury or damage to the health of such third party or damage to his/ her properties)

Important Conditions


1. For indemnity to be provided against damages, the damages must be payable under an acceptance of liability given or approved by the Company or under a judicial decision rendered by a court of law.
2. If there is a legal action in process against you over a personal liability issue, the Company may conduct the legal action, including appointment of legal counsel, at the Company’s expense in your name at the Company’s sole discretion.
3. The Company will have the right, but in no case the obligation, to take over and conduct in your name  the defense of any claim and will have full discretion in the conduct of any proceedings and in the settlement of any claim and having taken over the defense of any claim, the Company may relinquish the same.
4. In the event the Company, in its sole discretion, chooses to exercise its right in pursuance of this condition, no action taken by the Company in the exercise of such right will serve to modify or expand in any manner, what the Company’s liability or obligations under this Policy would have otherwise been had it not exercised its rights under this condition.
5. This section is applicable only in respect of Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond Plans

Important Exclusions applicable for this section:


1. Any claim arising from Employers’ liability or your contractual liability or through special promises made by you.
2. Any claim of personal liability of You towards your family, relations and traveling companions, whether personal or official.
3. Any claim resulting from transmission of an illness or disease by you.
4. Any claim or damage resulting from professional activities involving you.
5. Any claim for liability arising directly or indirectly from or due to:
           a. The possession of animals.
           b. The ownership or possession of vehicles, aircrafts, watercrafts, or activities of you involving parachuting, hang-gliding, hot air ballooning or use of firearms.
           c. Any wilful, malicious or unlawful act.
           d. Insanity, the use of any alcohol/ drugs (except as medically prescribed) or drug addiction.
           e. Any supply of goods or services on your part.
           f. Any ownership or occupation of land or buildings other than the occupation of any temporary residence. Motor vehicles, Golf Carts & Perambulators.