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5 Exclusions to Home Insurance You Should Know About

22 December, 2015

Home ownership is a dream for most people and when you do finally manage to buy a home it is important that you take every step possible to protect it. As your most valuable asset, it is wise to secure it with comprehensive insurance policies. Unfortunately, your home insurance cover may not be as wide as you think it is.

When buying or renewing your home insurance plan, do keep in mind that there are certain exclusions in most policies. Carefully read through the fine print and find out about the list of events under which the insurance company is not liable to pay for repairs or reconstruction.

Here are some of the commonly cited exclusions for home insurance

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1. Destruction by War


A war-torn country or region is certainly prone to much violence that could lead to destruction of property. Due to the inevitable nature of the damage caused by war-related activities and attacks, it is often excluded from the coverage of your insurance policy.




2. Damage by Pollution


Pollution of every kind, be it air or water, has been rising steadily. This doesn’t just pose a health risk, but it also reduces the life of household appliances and may even threaten your home structure. However, the expenses for repair or replacements due to such damage are not covered under home insurance.





3. Forest Fire


One hardly needs to elaborate on the scale of destruction caused by a forest fire. Unfortunately, insurance policies do not provide coverage for this natural calamity. If your home is located in close proximity to forested regions, known to suffer wild fires, you should take adequate precautionary measures yourself.





4. Natural Wear and Tear


Over a period of time, your household appliances and furniture are bound to suffer some natural wear and tear. Although careful handling certainly delays such damage, eventual loss is inevitable, which is why such costs are not covered.





5. Kutcha Structures


A kutcha structure or crude dwelling, consisting of weak materials such as thatched leaves, hay, plastic sheets, and wooden planks will not be covered under home insurance policies. Such structures have inherent weaknesses that make them a hazard in themselves, which is why they are not covered by insurance.

When buying Home Insurance online, be sure to do thorough comparisons to find an insurer offering the widest possible coverage, with the least exclusions. Be thorough with the exclusions listed in your policy to avoid claim rejections. Royal Sundaram’s policies like Home Content Insurance are perfect as they offer comprehensive coverage, including cover for flood inundation, earthquakes, and also for possessions within your home.