Two Wheeler Insurance for Yamaha FZ 250

Two Wheeler Insurance for Yamaha FZ 250

Yamaha has a great legacy of introducing advanced ergonomics and design feature to benefit both the biker and the bike. It had employed these aspects in Yamaha FZ 250 Bike. Yamaha FZ 250 is an engineering marvel which has excellent fuel efficiency. Moreover, better control, as well as greater safety, is ensured with the advanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which has a hydraulic single disk brake. Apart from the brakes, you need to ensure one more thing for your bike’s protection - comprehensive bike Insurance - which makes sure that you are covered against the financial liabilities arising from a vehicular accident involving your bike.

Yamaha FZ 250 Bike Insurance Price

Yamaha FZ 250 Bike Insurance Price


Any kind of insurance has some fundamental parameters, which define their effectiveness as well as their price. These factors are, more or less, similar to every insurance provider.


  1. The Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  2. Manufacturing year of the bike
  3. Any applicable discounts and offers


Understanding these factors also help you comprehend the change in bike insurance price for different insurance plans. Nonetheless, Royal Sundaram has the reputation of providing the most comprehensive insurance plan at affordable rates.


Yamaha FZ 250 Bike Insurance Renewal


Without a proper and timely renewal, your insurance will not be of much use, thereby making your two-wheeler vulnerable to kinds of unwanted eventualities. The renewal process for most insurance provider is run-of-the-mill, and in some cases, it is tedious. However, Royal Sundaram has a unique application - Insta Renew - with a 3-step process to easily renew your policy. Simply provide the required information, check the premium price and select add-ons, and make the payment.


Renew Other Company Policy


Dragging on with the same policy, even though not satisfied with the service and offerings, is a common issue for most consumers. Customers now can renew other company motor insurance with Royal Sundaram. It is a simple and easy process, which requires your vehicle registration number and other personal details to help you make a transition from your old two-wheeler insurance policy to Royal Sundaram a ‘cake walk’. You can also transfer your ‘No Claim Bonus’ when you shift your insurance to Royal Sundaram from any other insurer.


Renew Expired Policy for Yamaha FZ 250


Renewal of a policy is a regular ritual that needs to be undertaken in a timely manner in order to avoid any unintended consequences for your bike. However, if you have failed to renew Royal Sundaram Policy for Yamaha FZ 250, you need not fret over it. Royal Sundaram has already defined a process to address your concern in this regard. You just need to contact your insurance agent and be ready with essential documents viz - your expired policy details, a vehicle registration number, and vehicle inspection report (VIR).


Why a Yamaha FZ 250 Bike Insurance Important for you?


Two of the most important reasons for getting a Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy are - legal (as mandated by law) and financial (shield against financial liabilities). However, it is Royal Sundaram that gives you the most comprehensive coverage because:


  1. Personal Accident Cover of Rs. 15 lakhs, and an additional pillion rider cover
  2. Easy claim settlement procedure
  3. Three-step renewal with Insta Renew
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