Two Wheeler Insurance for Yamaha

Two Wheeler Insurance for Yamaha

Yamaha, the Japanese Motor Company, entered the Indian market with RD 350 (Rajdoot) and RX 100, the latter rocked the India roads for more than a decade. Its recent introduction of models like Yamaha YZF R15, Yamaha MT 15, Yamaha Fazer and many more have also brought in technological advancement in the India motorcycle industry. As an owner of such prized bikes, you must protect it by purchasing bike insurance.

Royal Sundaram - Yamaha Insurance

Yamaha Bike Insurance Price


Nowadays purchasing a bike and insurance together with it is a norm. However, in such cases, you get less opportunity to select from a wide range of insurance options. Therefore, it is important that you understand the factors that impact bike insurance price. With such clear awareness, you would be able to discern between a good and a great insurance plan. The factors that impact your insurance cost are:


  1. The Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  2. Add-ons Opted For
  3. Any Applicable Discounts aAnd Offers
  4. Terrain (where The Car Will Be Used)


You can get a quick quote for your Yamaha Bike insurance price with the Royal Sundaram premium calculator by simply providing your registration number, email ID, and mobile number.


Yamaha Bike Insurance Renewal


Purchasing Yamaha insurance is only the beginning of the protection cycle; it needs to be reinvigorated through a renewal process. This process can be mundane and time-taking with many insurance providers, but if you happen to be a Royal Sundaram customer, you have got the easy 3-step process. The Insta Renew application is nothing but a cakewalk for you. Just enter the policy number and expiry date, and proceed to payment to renew your policy today.


Renew Other Company Policy


In the case of consumers who are struggling due to their clumsy two-wheeler Insurance policy renewal process, you can shift your policy to Royal Sundaram. We have an easy and swift method to renew other company policy. You just need to provide your vehicle details (registration number) and personal details including your name, mobile number, email address to renew your Yamaha bike insurance.


Renew Expired Policy for Yamaha 


One of the most frightening eventualities for any biker is missing the chance to renew Royal Sundaram policy for Yamaha. This can be a very serious issue if you are with any other company, but with Royal Sundaram, it is not something to lose your sleep over it. Just visit the Royal Sundaram website, submit details like expired policy details, vehicle registration number, and Vehicle Inspection Report to sail through the process easily.


Why a Yamaha Bike Insurance Important for you?


Having bike insurance is very important; however, having the Royal Sundaram policy is indispensable for every biker. Let us see why:


  1. Comprehensive financial protection from any road mishap
  2. Easy Claim Settlement Policy
  3. 24/7 Customer Care
  4. Personal Accident Cover of Rs. 15 lakhs and an optional pillion rider cover


Top 4 Reasons to buy Yamaha Two Wheeler Insurance

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Yamaha Bike Insurance from Royal Sundaram

Insurance for brand new two wheeler

You can purchase insurance for a brand new bike for a time period of 2-3 years. As per regulation 5 year TP is mandatory for new vehicles.

Claim settlement

The settlement of claims will be done within 10 working days.

Comprehensive coverage

It offers comprehensive coverage for your bike, accessories, and any damage to the third party property and life. Also, you can get the cover of up to 1 Lakh in case of accidents

Owner Cover

Owner-Driver cover up to 1 lakh in accident cases

In case your bike meets an accident, you get an owner-driver cover of up to 1 Lakh


Royal Sundaram Yamaha Bike Insurance - Coverage Details

Royal Sundaram Yamaha Bike Insurance - Coverage Details


What Covered:

  • Accidental and external damage
  • Riot & strike
  • Malicious Act
  • Fire & Explosion
  • Terrorism
  • Strom & flood
  • Landslide
  • Burglary, theft/housebreaking
  • Earthquake
  • Legal protection for death/injury claims to third party; damage to third party; legal cost and expenses
  • Personal accident cover


What’s not Covered:


  • Wear and tear or any consequential loss
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown
  • Damage caused to a person’s vehicle who is under the influence of a vehicle
  • Damage caused to a person’s vehicle who is without a valid license
  • Damage caused to your personal property.


Royal Sundaram Yamaha - Claim Process & Procedure

Royal Sundaram - Yamaha Bike Insurance - Claim Process & Procedure



Policy percticulars

First, you can inform Royal Sundaram about the loss of or damage to your vehicle through our customer services number 1860 425 0000 or email ( Make sure to keep your policy number handy when you call or mention your policy number when you write to us.

No repair

We will assist you in finding a workshop where quality repairs will be done for your vehicle. Before starting the repair, we will arrange for the vehicle to be inspected by our surveyor.


You will need to submit a duly filled and signed (only by insured as per policy) claim form, self-attested photocopy of the registration certificate of the vehicle and the driving license of the person who was riding the vehicle at the time of accident.


Other documentary requirements and process will be explained to you after inspection of vehicle.

Twowheeler Tips

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Selecting the best Two Wheeler Insurance online

You may be a young college student who has just been gifted a new bike or a working woman who has bought a new two-wheeler to commute to the office. For sure, a new two-wheeler makes your life simpler. It does not only reduce your expenses, it also cuts short your travel time.

Why should you consider IDV when buying bike insurance?

While buying an insurance policy, it becomes quite difficult for a common man to understand several jargons that are there in a document. IDV or insured declared value is one such important term that you will come across while buying or renewing your bike or car insurance policy.

How to Change Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Online?

A two-wheeler is the best convenient mode of transport in India. However, recently the number of two wheeler accidents has been increasing and this has caused anxiety amongst riders.

What does your Two Wheeler Long Term Insurance Cover?

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