Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10 Insurance

Hyundai Grand i10 Insurance

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  • Hyundai Grand i10 Price
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Review
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Insurance
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Registration Chagres / RTO
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Alternatives

Introducing Hyundai Grand i10

Introducing Hyundai Grand i10


The South Korean manufacturing giant has made a mark in India with its dynamic and modern cars, and Hyundai Grand i10 is one of them. Hyundai i10 was launched in 2007 and its slightly modified model Hyundai Grand i10 was released in 2013. The car was developed primarily for Asian markets.


The car is offered in two engine options:


  • U2 1.2 CRDi Diesel engine
  • 1.2 Kappa VTVT Petrol engine


A few key benefits of the Hyundai Grand i10 include a generous interior space, contemporary and smart technological updates that make driving pleasurable. The trunk size too is quite large. The facelift makes the car look distinct. The vehicle comes with voice recognition on steering wheel, boosting a great travelling experience. The car comes with dual airbags for the driver and passenger, providing additional safety.


This Hyundai Grand i10 car comes with a range of appealing colours:


  • Flame Orange
  • Marina Blue
  • Fiery Red
  • Typhoon Silver
  • Star Dust
  • Polar White
Hyundai Grand i10 Price

Hyundai Grand i10 Price



Hyundai Grand i10 comes with a competitive price range in its segment. The brand comes in quite a few different variants. The lowest priced diesel variant is Hyundai Grand i10 costs Rs. 6.17 Lakh*. The lowest priced petrol variant 1.2 Kappa Era costs Rs. 4.97 Lakh*. The most economical Automatic variant 1.2 Kappa Magna AT comes at Rs. 6.55 Lakh*.


Hyundai Grand i10 Price List (Ex-showroom price in Mumbai)

Variant Name


1.2 Kappa Era

Rs. 4.97 Lakh

1.2 Kappa Magna

Rs. 5.74 Lakh

1.2 Kappa Sportz

Rs. 6.11 Lakh

1.2 Kappa Sportz Dual Tone

Rs 6.4 Lakh

1.2 Kappa Asta

Rs. 6.65 Lakh

1.2 CRDi Era

Rs. 6.17 Lakh*

1.2 CRDi Magna

Rs. 6.73 Lakh*

1.2 CRDi Sportz

Rs. 7.18 Lakh*

1.2 CRDi Sportz Dual Tone

Rs. 7.43 Lakh*

1.2 CRDi Asta

Rs. 7.63 Lakh*

1.2 Kappa Magna AT, Automatic, Petrol

Rs. 6.55 Lakh*

1.2 Kappa Sportz AT Automatic, Petrol

Rs. 7.09 Lakh*

Hyundai Grand i10 Price by City

Hyundai Grand i10 Price by City



Rs. 5.84 - 9.03 Lakh



Rs. 6.01 - 9.24 Lakh



Rs. 5.77 - 8.79 Lakh



Rs. 5.85 - 8.9 Lakh



Rs. 5.91 - 9.13 Lakh



Rs. 5.57 - 8.45 Lakh



Rs. 5.56 - 8.67 Lakh

Hyundai Grand i10 Review

Hyundai Grand i10 Review



When the Hyundai Grand i10 was launched in 2013, it instantly became the most eye-grabbing car in its segment. With a competitive price range, smart and sleek interiors and a few segment-first features made it a hot property. The Hyundai Grand i10 was launched in petrol and diesel variants. However, the only negative point in an otherwise fantastic package was the diesel motor, which was a bit of a let-down.


The latest facelift makes Hyundai Grand i10 an attractive car in this segment. The exterior changes in the design are only few, but there are essential upgrades in terms of offered equipment and the new 1.2-litre diesel motor. The only drawback is that many of these improvements are exclusive to the top-end variants.


Here are some of the advantages of buying the Hyundai Grand i10:


  • The cabin space looks sophisticated; the quality of the car too is commendable.
  • Passenger and luggage space is quite generous. The ride experience is comfortable too.
  • The infotainment system of the car can be synced with a smartphone, and it feels top notch.
  • The extra torque of the diesel engine makes the commute effortless.


Even though the car is loaded with good engines, great interiors, and an overall smooth driving experience, the Hyundai Grand i10 still lacks a certain stand-out quality which hinders its position in the market.

Hyundai Grand i10 Registration

Hyundai Grand i10 Registration



Any vehicle in India has to be registered with the Regional Transport Office. It’s their responsibility to provide vehicle-related services.


Apart from providing a plethora of services, the RTO's vital service would be vehicle registration.


Below is the list of documents required for RTO registration:


•             Registration fee

•             Valid address proof

•             PAN Card Copy

•            Application form CMV20

•             Sale certificate of the car

•             Original invoice

•             Active insurance certificate

•             Temporary registration issued by the dealer

•             No Objection Certificate (NOC) from RTO and Sales tax clearance certificate (if car buying state and registration states are different)


To get a car registered, a user needs to pay an amount to the RTO. For a medium passenger vehicle, the cost is Rs. 1,000.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance


Every owner before taking their car on the streets needs to take a car insurance policy. It's not just important, but mandatory as well. It will be a great deal of help in times of need


Royal Sundaram devises insurance plans which are customised just for Hyundai Cars. Give thought to their services while buying a Hyundai car. 


Some important reasons why Royal Sundaram’s car insurance policy is fit for Hyundai users:


  • Royal Sundaram has a network of 3,300+ garages. They offer cashless claims to the users who find themselves in an emergency.
  • Every insurance holder receives free roadside assistance.
  • Royal Sundaram provides customer support for all insurance holders 24x7.
  • The car insurance premium calculator assists in finding the right amount for the customer’s Honda car insurance.


A Honda WR-V insurance is extremely easy to purchase. Visit their website and follow a few easy steps.

Hyundai Grand i10 alternatives

Hyundai Grand i10 alternatives



Hyundai Grand i10 is set in the most competitive car segment, the hatchback. Hence, it is pretty easy to find its alternatives. Before buying the Grand i10, one must also take a look at the other options available:


  • Maruti Suzuki Swift
  • Ford Figo
  • Maruti Suzuki Ignis
  • Toyota Etios Liva
  • Honda Brio


Royal Sundaram assumes no responsibility on the correctness of the information related to the vehicle and advise the customers to verify the details from the sources/websites of the respective OEMs.

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