Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna Insurance

Hyundai Verna Insurance

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Introducing Hyundai Verna

Introducing Hyundai Verna


The South Korean automotive manufacturer, Hyundai, has nine new car models running in India. Two of them are in the Luxury segment, 3 in Midsize segment, 2 in Small segment and 2 in the Utility segment in India. But out of all those, Hyundai Verna is one of the most in-demand cars of the brand. The newest Verna model was launched in 2017.


Hyundai Verna is one of the most sought-after cars in the sedan segment. The newer Verna is a massive upgrade from the older one in terms of cabin space. The vehicle is made available in multiple variants: two petrol engines and one diesel, i.e., 1.6-litre petrol and 1.4-litre petrol, while the diesel one comes in only 1.6-litre engine.


The elegantly sturdy car comes in six distinct colours:


  • Star Dust
  • Fiery Red
  • Polar White
  • Typhoon Silver
  • Thunder Black
  • Siena Brown


If one is thinking of buying a Hyundai Verna, read on below.

Hyundai Verna Price

Hyundai Verna Price


Hyundai Verna is offered to the consumers in 13 different variants. While some of them are diesel version, the others are petrol and automatic variants. The lowest-priced petrol version costs Rs. 8.08 Lakh. The diesel version’s lowest priced car costs Rs. 9.33 Lakh. Lastly, the automatic variant’s most economically priced car is Rs. 11.59 Lakh.


Hyundai Verna Variants Price List (Ex-showroom price in Mumbai)


Variant Name


VTVT 1.4 E Manual, Petrol

Rs. 8.08 Lakh*

VTVT 1.4 EX Manual, Petrol

Rs. 9.29 Lakh*

VTVT 1.6 SX Manual, Petrol

Rs. 9.99 Lakh*

VTVT 1.6 SX Option Manual, Petrol

Rs. 11.69 Lakh*

Anniversary Edition Petrol Manual, Petrol

Rs. 11.78 Lakh*

CRDi 1.4 E Manual, Diesel

Rs. 9.33 Lakh*

CRDi 1.4 EX Manual, Diesel

Rs. 9.99 Lakh*

CRDi 1.6 SX Manual, Diesel

Rs. 11.69 Lakh*

CRDi 1.6 SX Option Manual, Diesel

Rs. 12.98 Lakh*

VTVT 1.6 AT SX Plus Automatic, Petrol

Rs. 11.59 Lakh*

VTVT 1.6 AT SX Option Automatic, Petrol

Rs. 12.84 Lakh*

CRDi 1.6 AT SX Plus Automatic, Diesel

Rs. 13.25 Lakh*

CRDi 1.6 AT SX Option Automatic, Diesel

Rs. 14.04 Lakh*

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna Price by City



Rs. 9.42 - 17.01 Lakh



Rs. 9.77 - 17.69 Lakh



Rs. 9.3 - 17.12 Lakh



Rs. 9.42 - 16.88 Lakh



Rs. 9.49 - 17.11 Lakh



Rs. 8.94 - 15.74 Lakh



Rs. 9.17 - 16.44 Lakh

Hyundai Verna Review

Hyundai Verna Review



The C-segment is currently ruled by the likes Maruti Ciaz and Honda City; however, Hyundai Verna does give them a run for their money. The new avatar of Hyundai Verna is sleeker, sophisticated, broader and longer than the older version. Things have changed even in terms of its interiors, one of the crucial areas where the older Verna lacked. 


With a competitive price range, the new Verna sets up a rather good fight in the mid-size sedan segment. This Verna is very similarly priced to Maruti Ciaz and is undercuts Honda City altogether. The features that were added to its new avatar were electric sunroof, hands-free boot lid, and the air-cooled front seats. The upgrades have certainly given the car a rejuvenated look. The latest dynamics have also brought the right balance between handling and ride quality.


Below are some pros that might help in deciding on whether to buy Verna or not:


  • The stability of the latest Verna is very reliable through speed pickups.
  • Be it diesel or petrol versions; both offer a smooth driving experience.
  • The top-end Verna gets six airbags. While, the other ones receive standard dual front airbags, ABS and ISOFIX.
  • Hyundai Verna is loaded with sophisticated Touchscreen features with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, ventilated seats, sunroof, and hands-free boot release.
Honda Verna RTO Registration

Honda Verna RTO Registration



The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is the official body responsible for keeping a tab on each and every automobile running across in the country. There are several RTOs spread across India; they deal with providing a range of services and vehicle registration is one of them.


The RTO registration of a car is compulsory. It is a two-step process:


  • Temporary RTO Registration Number in India


This step is followed by


  • Permanent Vehicle Registration Number in India


The documents required for vehicle registration are as follows:


  • Sale certificate of the car
  • Valid address proof
  • Application form CMV20
  • Active insurance certificate
  • Registration fee
  • Original invoice
  • Temporary registration issued by the dealer
  • PAN card copy
  • No Objection Certificate from RTO and Sales tax clearance certificate (if you are buying the vehicle in one state and registering it in another)


The registration fee for a car like Honda Verna would be Rs. 1,000.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance


Car insurance is one of the most important documents while buying a car. It is not just mandatory but is also very crucial in terms of protection and security.


Several companies provide car insurance deals for Hyundai cars; however, Royal Sundaram offers a range of attractive policies.


Below are some key reasons why a Hyundai Verna owner should buy a Royal Sundaram car insurance policy:


  • Loss or Damage Protection
    Covers loss of car or damage occurred to your vehicle.
  • Unlimited Liability


Unlimited Liability in case of Third-Party death/ injury claims.

  • Cashless Claims


Hassle-free Cashless or instant settlement for all Own Damage Claims related to car insurance.

  • Indemnity for third party property


Indemnity for third party property damage up to a cover of Rs. 7.5 lakh.

  • Personal Accident Cover


Personal Accident Cover for you, your paid driver and the occupants in the car.

  • Claim Survey


Claim Survey within 4 working hours.

Honda Verna Alternatives

Honda Verna Alternatives


Take a look below to check out a few other alternatives that are giving Honda Verna a run for its money:


  • Honda City

Price starts at Rs. 9.91 Lakh

  • Maruti Ciaz

Price starts at Rs. 8.19 Lakh

  • Hyundai Elantra

Price starts at Rs. 13.81 Lakh

  • Skoda Rapid

Price starts at Rs. 8 Lakh

  • Volkswagen Vento

Price starts at Rs. 8.65 Lakh



Royal Sundaram assumes no responsibility on the correctness of the information related to the vehicle and advise the customers to verify the details from the sources/websites of the respective OEMs.

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