Honda CB Unicorn 150

Honda CB Unicorn 150

This bike was launched with a single-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS), the Honda CB Unicorn 150 is valued at an ex-showroom Delhi price of Rs 79,241/-. The all-new Honda CB Unicorn 150 is around Rs 6,500 cheaper than the standard model. However, leaving the "ABS" sticker which is placed on the front fender aside, the overall bike pretty much remains the same, cosmetically. Relaunching the Honda CB Unicorn 150 is supposed to be Honda's step in a positive direction.


This bike will co-exist with the all-new CB Unicorn 160 & CB Hornet 160R. Honda CB Unicorn 150 preserves the same old combination of components and styling factors as the discontinued bike model.


A decent 149.2cc single-cylinder engine powers this bike, and is fitted with an air-cooled system. The engine produces over 12.73bhp at over 8000 rpm and over 12.80Nm of torque at 550rpm. A 5-speed gearbox propels the rear wheel of the brand-new Honda CB Unicorn 150.

Honda CB Unicorn 150 Price

Honda CB Unicorn 150 Price


The brand-new Honda CB Unicorn 150 is available in the market in two variants. Its disc variant is priced at an ex-showroom Delhi price of Rs. 72,633/- and the ABS variant is priced at Rs 79,241/-.


Honda CB Unicorn 150 Price List in India [June 2019]


Given below is the latest price list of all the available models of Honda CB Unicorn 150. However, note that these prices will change from dealer to dealer and depending upon your location.



Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)

CB Unicorn 150 Disc60 kmpl, 149.2 cc

Rs. 72,633

CB Unicorn 150 ABS60 kmpl, 149.2 cc

Rs. 79,241

Honda CB Unicorn 150 Price by City

Honda CB Unicorn 150 Price by City


New Delhi

Rs. 72,633 - 79,718



Rs. 74,295 - 80,388



Rs. 74,752 - 81,837



Rs. 73,589 - 80,674



Rs. 73,989 - 81,074



Rs. 75,771 - 82,856



Rs. 74,453 - 80,456

Honda CB Unicorn 150 Review

Honda CB Unicorn 150 Review


Honda CB Unicorn 150 is the updated and a brand-new version of Honda's earlier commuter 150cc bike. Judging based on the looks of the bike, its design remains the same as the bike launched in the year 2004. So, what's upgraded? Complying with the latest emission norms, Honda has created a brand new BS-IV compatible engine. Unfortunately, there are no new cosmetic changes done to the bike. Both old-school design and already existing features continue with this bike. These features include an analog instrument cluster and disc brake at the front. The Honda Unicorn 150 was replaced by the all-new Honda CB Unicorn 160 in 2015. Even then, the demand for the 150cc Honda Unicorn remained the same and Honda had to relaunch it for the Indian market even after discontinuing the bike for a while. Even now, the bike is available with a waiting period and is selling more than the latest Unicorn 160. The results have been astounding, making it a hot-selling model!


The CB Unicorn has an upright riding position and has a wide handlebar, which hasn't changed since the first model. The accurately-carved fuel tank, adds to the charm of the overall bike. Honda CB Unicorn 150 offers complete support and comfort in the city. The single long seat on this bike is cushioned with an optimum balance of firm and soft that adds to its comfort throughout the ride and makes it pleasant. As you push the starter button on the bike, the engine begins at a crisp note and transcends into a smooth ride.

Honda CB Unicorn 150 Insurance

Honda CB Unicorn 150 Insurance


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Two-Wheeler Insurance for Honda Variants
Honda CB Unicorn 150 RTO

Honda CB Unicorn 150 RTO


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Alternate Bike Brands in India

Alternate Bike Brands in India


Honda CB Unicorn 150 is a great bike in the commuter segment and is available at competitive prices. This bike, however, shares a fierce competition with the following bikes.


  • Honda CB Unicorn 160
  • Suzuki Gixxer
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150
  • Hero Xtreme Sports
  • Honda X-Blade
  • Yamaha FZ V2.0 FI


Royal Sundaram assumes no responsibility on the correctness of the information related to the vehicle and advise the customers to verify the details from the sources/websites of the respective OEMs.

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