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Selecting the best Two Wheeler Insurance online

04 October, 2018

You may be a young college student who has just been gifted a new bike or a working woman who has bought a new two-wheeler to commute to the office. For sure, a new two-wheeler makes your life simpler. It does not only reduce your expenses, it also cuts short your travel time. But did you consider the other externalities before buying? What about the safety and protection of your vehicle?


Buying an insurance is a must for your two-wheeler to mitigate the associated risks like accidents, damage, breakdown, or getting stolen. An insurance plan guarantees you a cover for such contingencies where you can get assured value. In fact, these days you don’t even have to go through the hassles of manual insurance purchase through an agent as the entire process could be done online. In the present insurance space, insurance providers like Royal Sundaram who provide broad insurance coverage at a fairly low premium.


What’s covered under two-wheeler insurance?


Two wheeler insurance policy covers any loss or damage caused due to these following natural or man-made calamities –


  • Earthquake
  • Landslide
  • Accidental & external damage
  • Riot & strike
  • Malicious act
  • Fire & explosion
  • Burglary, theft/housebreaking
  • Landslide
  • Storm & flood


What’s not covered under the policy?


Here’s a list of things that are not covered under a two-wheeler insurance policy –


  • Mechanical as well as electrical breakdown
  • Depreciation or any consequential loss
  • Damage caused by an individual driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Damage caused by an individual driving a vehicle without any valid license


What are the benefits of buying two-wheeler policy online?


Buying two-wheeler insurance policy is a simple and convenient process. Some of the key benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance policy online are –


  • Optional coverage
  • Hassle-free registration for online purchase
  • Easy transfer of no-claim bonus
  • Instant policy
  • Property damage or physical injury coverage
  • Comprehensive and liability only covers
  • Claim settlement can be processed within 10 working days.
  • Insurance for brand new two wheeler
  • You can get owner-driver cover up to 15 Lakh in case of bike accident. 


How to compare two-wheeler insurance policy online?


Here’re the few things you need to compare while buying two-wheeler policies online

  • Compare add-on covers
  • Compare type of coverage (comprehensive or third-party)
  • Compare cashless network garage list
  • Compare premium
  • Compare insured declared value


How to get two-wheeler insurance premium quotes online?


Step-by-step guide on how to get two wheeler insurance premium quotes online –


  • Firstly, enter your vehicle details, including vehicle number, enter model name and variant of your two-wheeler
  • Secondly, enter registration details of your two-wheeler
  • Check if your previous two-wheeler insurance policy has expired or not
  • Now, click on get quotes


How to renew two-wheeler insurance online in India?


You need to go to the insurance company’s website and follow the below steps to renew your two-wheeler insurance online in India -


  • Compare insured declared value: Once you enter your two-wheeler insurance details, quotes from different insurance companies will be displayed. Thus, ensure you compare your insured declared value offered by several insurers before renewal.
  • Check your cover: Renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy also helps you to evaluate the cover that you have offered by your insurance company. All you need to do is to browse through and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Know your add-ons: Choose the add-ons that best suit your requirements and include them in your policy. This might look like an added expense, but it enhances your policy benefits.
  • Check all the information: Before paying the premium, you need to check that all the vehicle details that are entered are correct.


Benefits of renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy –


Having a two-wheeler insurance online is the best way of taking care of the expenses you could bear in case of any damage incurred by your two-wheeler that you will have to pay from your pockets. Here’re the following benefits you will get while renewing your two-wheeler insurance online –


  • It requires no paperwork
  • No inspection of your two wheeler is required to renew policy
  • You will get complete support at the time of making claims
  • You can easily get access to the nearby garage by knowing quickly the list of cashless claim garage network of your insurance company



Benefits of renewing two-wheeler insurance policy online


Here’re the benefits of renewing two-wheeler insurance policy online in India


  • You don’t have to pay extra charges
  • Get your two-wheeler insurance renewed with documentation and inspection
  • Instant policy issuance
  • You need to provide previous policy details in the cases where the policy has expired for more than 90 days.


How to stake claim online?


To stake claim on the policy money is as easy as buying a two-wheeler insurance policy. All you need to do is to file a request claim with the company through telephone or email and you will get all the details related to your insurance policy. Read on –


  • Insured person must submit duly filled and signed claim form to the company.
  • For the verification of your claim request, the customer needs to provide the original registration certificate of the vehicle to the insurance company.
  • The insurance company can ask for any additional documents during the claim processing. Moreover, the vehicle needs to be presented for re-inspection once all these repairs are carried out.
  • You need to present the original invoices or bills to the insurance company for the verification while making reimbursement claims against the insurance policy.
  • You don’t have to make repairs of any kind before an agent of the insurance company surveys it.


On the whole, it is important and necessary to have a two-wheeler insurance policy as it covers you against damage that may occur to a two-wheeler due to unforeseen situations like natural disaster, theft, accidents, etc. So, compare and select the best two-wheeler insurance instantly online and save your money and time.





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