Honda Shine

Honda Shine

Launched in 2006, Honda Shine has become a top choice of many Indians. In order to celebrate the selling of 70 lakh units, Honda released a limited edition CB series under Shine. With side panel revamp and new colour code on grab rail, the CB Shine leaves a lasting impression.


The bike is loaded with a 124.73cc engine, which is air-cooled and single-cylinder. The engine delivers 10.3 PS at 7,500rpm and 10.3Nm at 5,500rpm. The motor is coupled with a 4-speed gearbox.


Honda CB Shine is available in two shades, Imperial Red Metallic with Black and Speak Silver Metallic with Black. If the aspect of new colours is left out, then Honda CB Shine has no mechanical difference. The bike is offered in two distinct variants: drum and disc with no CBS and CBS-enabled models. The major upsides of Honda CM Shine are its power, comfort, and mileage.

Honda CB Shine Price

Honda CB Shine Price



Multiple variants of the bike are available, and its price ranges according to its features and specifications. The lowest priced Honda CB Shine model is CB Shine Drum Brake, and it costs Rs. 59,772 (ex-showroom price in Mumbai). Meanwhile, the most expensive bike is CB Shine Limited Edition Disc CBS priced at Rs. 64,904.


Honda CB Shine Variants Price Lists [October 2020]



CB Shine Drum Brake

Rs. 59,772

CB Shine Drum CBS

Rs. 59,944


CB Shine Limited Edition Drum CBS

Rs. 60,244


CB Shine Disc Brake

Rs. 62,085


CB Shine Disc CBS

Rs. 64,604


CB Shine Limited Edition Disc CBS

Rs. 64,904

Honda Shine Price by City

Honda Shine Price by City



Rs. 57,779 - 63,743



Rs. 59,696 - 65,342



Rs. 59,067 - 64,713



Rs. 60,230 - 65,876



Rs. 59,772 - 64,904



Rs. 61,248 - 66,894



Rs. 59,551 - 64,879

Honda CB Shine Review

Honda CB Shine Review


Designed for a mass audience, the Honda CB Shine meets all the criteria. The audience of the bike are the ones who care more about the performance than the looks, and in that matter, the Honda CB Shine does its job entirely.


Fitted with an engine of 125cc, Honda CB Shine delivers just what the user needs. The added benefits are Honda’s reliability and reputation. The brand has tried to take the looks quotient up a notch with some added graphics that are spread throughout the fuel tank. A diamond frame chassis is fitted on to the bike. The suspension for the bike is conventional.


The riding experience is smooth, and the overall looks are smart. The mileage offered by the bike is 55 kilometre per litre, which is right in its segment. Some of the best parts about the bike include its fuel-efficient engine, low maintenance charge, and a well-balanced ride.


Some of the advantages of buying a Honda Shine include how bang for the buck the bike is. Secondly, the design and styling of the bike are very contemporary. It is backed by additional benefits like efficient handling, how it gives a feeling of a comfortable ride and its superior torque providing engine.


However, there are a few adverse facts about the Honda CB Shine; one major drawback includes its slim tyres and the other being the instrument bunch, which is basic.


Overall, the Honda CB Shine ranks highly on its riding experience and how easy it is to manoeuvre the bike on the city roads.

Honda CB Shine Insurance

Honda CB Shine Insurance


Insurance is an essential and mandatory document every bike owner has to buy. However, picking which bike insurance to buy can be taxing because there are many options to choose from.


With Royal Sundaram’s bike insurance policy of Honda CB Shine, one has to look no further. The company provides benefits that will be useful in times of need.


The insurer can avail up to Rs 15 lakh in case of an accident. The insurance package offers comprehensive coverage for the bike, accessories, and damage to third party property and life. The claim can be settled in 10 working days.


The things that are covered by Royal Sundaram bike insurance involve-


  • Riot & strike
  • Malicious Act
  • Fire & Explosion
  • Landslide
  • Earthquake
  • Personal accident cover
  • Flood and storm
Two Wheeler Insurance for Honda Bike Variants

Two Wheeler Insurance for Honda Bike Variants

Honda Shine RTO Registration

Honda Shine RTO Registration


RTO means ‘Regional Transport Office.' It is the governing body that grants legal status to all the automobiles in India. A person can't own an automobile without an RTO registration.


The body is responsible for keeping track of all the vehicles and licenses in India. There is a fixed amount of fees that every bike owner has to pay to get RTO registration.


Check the below list and find how much fees are levied to a particular bike category:

  • Motorcycle or invalid carriage – Rs. 300
  • Imported Motorcycle – Rs. 2,500


There are certain documents that the owner needs to provide to get their bike registered:

  • CMV20 form
  • Temporary dealer issued registration
  • PAN card copy
  • Vehicle Sale Certificate
  • Legal proof of address
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Registration fee
Alternate Bike Brands in India

Alternate Bike Brands in India


Although the Honda CB Shine is a popular brand in the market, other brands give it stiff competition. Mainly, bikes like Honda Dream Neo, Hero Glamour, Hero Super Splendor, and Honda Livo are its most energetic opponents. All the bikes fall under the same price range and are equipped with almost the same qualities.

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Why should you consider IDV when buying bike insurance?

While buying an insurance policy, it becomes quite difficult for a common man to understand several jargons that are there in a document. IDV or insured declared value is one such important term that you will come across while buying or renewing your bike or car insurance policy.

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