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27 October, 2010

I have taken individual health insurance covers for my wife, my son and I. Last year, my wife was hospitalised twice, and we could not get the second claim, as the cover was already used. I have read about family-floater schemes. How do these work and are these better than individual plans?

In family-floater policies, a single sum insured is cho­sen, which can be availed by all the family members cov­ered under the plan. For in­stance, let's compare two families of four, one having individual health plans of Rs 1 lakh each and another cov­ered by a family-floater pol­icy of Rs 4 lakh. Even in case of a claim of Rs 1.5 lakh for any family member, individual health plan will restrict the claim to Rs 1 lakh only. On the contrary, a family-floater pol­icy will settle the entire claim with the balance of Rs 2.5 lakh being available for the un-expired period for all family members, including the per­son who made the claim.
A family-floater policy is beneficial for families who wish to cover all the mem­bers. Ensure that the sum in­sured is optimum and based on your family's lifestyle. However, it does not cover dependent parents.

If I have two insurance policies on the same asset will I get claims under both of the policies in case of loss?

Insurance is a contract of in­demnity, which implies a policyholder does not make any profit out of the policy cov­ering his assets. It is only to compensate the extent of loss one suffers. In the event of a loss, in the mentioned case, both the policies will contribute in proportion to their respective sum insured

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