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Zicom Office Alarm System - Ultimate Security Providers - bestsyndication.com

16 November, 2009

The office is as vulnerable any other place. In an office, a person can simply walk-in and create havoc. To overcome such situations, all you have to do is to install Zicom Safe Business equipment in the Company or offices.  Zicom safe business is the ultimate solution to such attacks. It is a high profile safety device with revolutionary office-alarm, 24x7 central monitoring, Insurance against theft, burglary or fire and also an insurance against breakdown of electrical appliances. This multiple usability product is low in investment and high in value. It does not contain any installation cost as well. The key element of office alarm is Main panel or the brain of the unit. IAlert station is the most important components of office alarm. It is the central monitoring station, which guards each and every activity inside a place through the main panel. Central monitoring station is installed only by qualified engineers from Zicom since it requires programming.

There are different equipments attached to office alarm system:

Main Panel: It is the brain of the alarm. This device is directly connected to central monitoring station. In case of unwanted intrusion or fire the main panel sends signals to iAlert service, available 24x7.

Hooter: Alarm sounding equipment. This sounds at such high volume that anyone sitting at 7th floor can also listen to it. Hooter is an essential deterrent for those who attempts to break-in. Hooter is powerful enough to gather nearby people and force the intruder to run for life.

Remote Control: Arms and disarms the system. Remote control switch also helps one to call for help in distress. In emergency, a person gets rooted to a place but the remote control system is active enough to let the whole equipment work automatically.

Magnetic sensors: This device senses any breakage and starts the chain reaction of signals.

IAlert service: is one of the unique services that receives information from main panel and calls the customer to pre-notified number.

One of the best parts of office alarm systems is that it provides an insurance cover in association with Royal Sundaram. This insurance amounts to maximum of 200,000/- against theft, burglary and theft. Insurance against repair is also available for a value of 40,000/-.

Safe business equipment is marketed by Zicom Retail Products Pvt. Ltd.