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To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed - Royal Sundaram offers advice before the Onset of Monsoon Rains

05 June, 2006

Damage to homes and businesses during the flooding due to unprecedented rains last year in Mumbai and later in the same year in both Bangalore and Chennai, have caused people unmitigated misery and placed a heavy financial burden on them. The reason for this was the poor subscription to home and property insurance in the Indian market, as less than one per cent of the total population in India is covered by home insurance.

According to Antony Jacob, Managing Director, Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd., "Every year thousands of people in India are potentially at risk from flooding and each year many fall victim to swelling rivers or full blown flooding. While there is little control over the forces of nature, simple measures can reduce potential damage. Being aware of the risks and taking necessary precautions beforehand will reduce the risk from damage and the considerable trauma and inconvenience associated with flooding."

Some simple advice from Royal Sundaram to prevent losses due to flooding:

Move contents to higher shelves or floor, especially sentimental / expensive items.

In case of flooding, electricity and gas should be switched off from the mains.

Tap water should not be consumed without boiling or filtering as it may have become contaminated
Park cars on higher ground
Have an emergency kit on standby - torch, telephone numbers, blankets, essential medicines, umbrellas, drinking water, etc.
Keep some sandbags ready to block the entrance of your house from water flooding inside
Store food that is non-perishable and does not require refrigeration
Plan as to where you would go in case of evacuation - relatives/friends house

As long as you have an up to date householder policy, you should be covered against damage by flood. Many business policies also cover damage by flood. If your car has suffered as a result of the flooding, this should be covered by a comprehensive motor policy.

For more details on flood insurance cover for your home, motor car and other valuables, contact Royal Sundaram toll free number at 1800 345 8899 or email at customer.services@in.royalsun.com